Is this Farage desperation, or idiocy?

  spuds 11:26 08 Dec 2014

Obviously some people are very anti UKIP, and that is their choice. But at the same time, perhaps they might open their eyes to how other politicians deal with similar issues. No politician is immune to making a few goofs, and this is when the 'anti' or the media try to have a field day. Its been going on for years.

British politics is in a mess, and no matter how many times we hear about "lessons will be learned", they never seem likely, because of the 'old age' systems in place.

Wasn't the Lib Dems under the leadership of Jenkins et al, going to change UK politics, and hasn't that failed dramatically. UKIP is yet another chapter, and the public have their choice, whether some people like it or not!.

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