Fancy writing a book review for PC Advisor?

  Matt Egan 17:45 20 Feb 2013

Hello Team Forum. It's been a while since we did any reader book reviews, and I wondered two things:

  1. Is there any general interest in getting the process running again and me seeing what IT books I can blag?

  2. Would anyone like to review this specific book:

iPad for the Older and Wiser: Get Up and Running with Your iPad or iPad mini

The more eagle-eyed amongst you will note that it is co-authored by Rosemary Hattersley, long-time associate editor of PC Advisor and friend of the forum. Rosie has managed to source a few copies which the publisher is happy to give away to potential PCA reviewers.

Let me know on both counts. We'd operate on the same deal as before - you get the book in return for a review. But you can fire over the reviews to me via email and I will use my laser editor eyes to get them into shape and edit them.

Let me know!


  woodchip 18:06 20 Feb 2013

I don't see how one can judge a book for a iPad, If he does not Have a iPad To Check it by. From a 77 year old

  Forum Editor 18:13 20 Feb 2013


Your perception does you credit - I assume you'll not be wanting us to add your name to the list for this one.

  woodchip 18:35 20 Feb 2013

FE don't think so

  john bunyan 19:10 20 Feb 2013

Having just bought an iPad, I would have a go - ,but maybe , if available, Woolwell is an "expert"??

  Aitchbee 19:55 20 Feb 2013

My friend, who is not 'up to speed' with his newly acquired IPad2 ... but has to use it, ['cos he's a member of the Local Housing Comittee and they've all got to use IT wether they liked it or not] ... might be interested in learning more about his Ipad2 ... we meet usually, once a fortnight, at his communal washing machine area for an hour or so.

I would [have to] be the 'go-between' in this arrangement, for optimum elucidation of the printed word, but my friend would be the sole enacter of the 10" DEVICE.

  Quickbeam 22:22 20 Feb 2013

Woolwell, Isn't just the same as any other computer, an HDMI to HDMI cable that does it all automatically?

As for the book reviewing I regret that I'm neither old nor wise enough...

  Forum Editor 23:31 20 Feb 2013


"How do I apply?"

Send an email to [email protected]

Telling him you would like to review the book.

  Matt Egan 09:01 21 Feb 2013

Great. Glad to see there is some interest. If you are interested, or are interested on behalf of a friend, just follow FE's instructions and drop me a line at [email protected]


  Aitchbee 20:47 21 Feb 2013

Matt, will there be a free IPad [machine] included [with the book]? :o]

  Forum Editor 22:27 21 Feb 2013


No, there won't.

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