Fancy helping us with an experiment?

  Forum Editor 19:53 22 Aug 2005

The site's been offline today, as many of you will know. We're sorry for the lack of service, but we needed to do some in-depth work on the server, and we had to stop the databases in order to do it.

We've been investigating the recent site problems at some length,and we think we may have identified the culprit - we're pretyy sure it's "My postings". When people start accessing that database we hit problems with page loadings, and it's related to the sheer size of 'My postings'.

I would be very grateful if everyone could steer clear of 'My postings' for a day or so - try to do without the facility of you would - and we'll see what happens. If things seems faster and more stable that way we'll probably take that database offline altogether within the next 24 hours, and run the forum without it for a while.

I'm sorry to be a pain, but we need the site to run in a more stable way, and this may be the answer - at least it will give us all a breathing space so we can resolve the problem once and for all.

Many thanks.

  Pooke 20:13 22 Aug 2005

ok anything to help.

  J B 20:20 22 Aug 2005

ok anything to help out. J.B.

  Jarvo 20:58 22 Aug 2005

Glad to help, but long term would like to keep my postings as I find it useful



  ade.h 21:18 22 Aug 2005

I hope that it can be kept once the issues are cured; I find it essential for keeping track of threads to which I have contributed.

I like the idea (which has often been mooted recently) of removing older threads from the My Postings list, but if this is implemented, would it be possible to take a DIY approach and thus select which ones to keep? Some old threads contain useful information which is still relevant.

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:23 22 Aug 2005

OK but like others above I would like to see it back when the problems get sorted out as it is very usefull.

  Jackcoms 21:42 22 Aug 2005

No problem with helping.

For what it's worth I do generally find that the site 'falls over' for me MORE OFTEN (but not exclusively) when I try to access 'My Postings'.

  joesoaps 22:50 22 Aug 2005

Will do,to be honest I for one could manage without the "My Postings" forum anyway.

  Pooke 23:21 22 Aug 2005

how many times have I stopped myself from clicking my postings? *slaps self on the hand.

tooooo many

  TOPCAT® 23:44 22 Aug 2005

I can just picture the FE in that server room - attired immaculately as Sherlock Holmes in deerstalker and cloak, complete with pipe and magnifying glass - "investigating the problems" and "identifying the culprit."

I wonder though if he has invoked the assistance of Microsoft's very own Doctor Watson on this case? :o)) TC.

  Ancient Learner 11:20 23 Aug 2005

I'm glad that the site is sort of working again.

Yesterday was so frustrating as I thought for a long long time time that the fault was at my end, and it wasn't until I used IE that I found a message that the site was being worked on. This message didn't show on Opera at all.

I don't mind not clicking on my postings for a bit, but I will never remember which thread I was on without it, and I suspect that a lot of other members will have the same problem. I am not referring here to my own threads, but to those that I have responded to.

I suppose that if it must go, then it must, but without 'My Postings' life will be so much harder.

At the moment, the site is as usual, sometimes quick, and sometimes v. v. slow to react.

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