Fake Phone Numbers

  BT 08:34 18 Sep 2013

If you are filling in a form online that requires you to enter a phone number and won't let you proceed unless you do, and you really don't want to put in your real number, the chances are that you will invent one. This is likely to actually be someone else's number.

Here's a website that lists 'fake' unassigned numbers.

Fake Phone Numbers

  [DELETED] 10:24 18 Sep 2013

Interesting, I've noted some local ones...

  spuds 10:42 18 Sep 2013

I began reading an article similar to this, but instead of using a 'fake' number, some people are using 0870 numbers. Apparently, every time when some 'unwanted' phone call is received the person providing the 0870 number actually gets paid?.

Also apparently, it would appear that Ofcom have now gone into the act of investigation, and are informing people that it is wrong to use a 0870 number for this purpose?.

  spuds 10:52 18 Sep 2013

Forgot to mention, that on occasions when I have had the request to put in a telephone number, and didn't want to, I have tried 000000 or N/A and that was accepted.

If rejected, then I have on rare occasions, approached the company to see if they want a sale or not or the treasons why. You tend to get a variety of answers, depending on the person you are speaking to, jobsworths are the worse for answers. One of the other reasons given, is usually for courier's use, but I have never had a courier use the telephone number provided yet, and we have weekly deliveries from various courier company's.

  BT 11:10 18 Sep 2013

I have tried 000000 or N/A and that was accepted.

I've done that as well but it doesn't always work.

  spuds 11:21 18 Sep 2013


Hence my "on rare occasions", I have contacted the company requiring the information!.

Further to that, I have noticed that sites like eBay and Amazon are now requesting a telephone number for contacts on a few sales. I took this up with eBay recently on a sale with Argos Outlet?.

  BT 11:26 18 Sep 2013

Changing the subject slightly I had to call to renew my Pet Insurance recently. It was an 0845 number and after hanging on for 3 mins 45secs I was cut off. I redialled and after a similar amount of time the call was picked up but no-one spoke. It was an open line as I could hear voices in the background and after holding on for a couple of minutes I gave up and dialled again and finally got to speak to someone. I complained about the previous calls and was told among other things that they were 'very busy' and it was lunchtime so fewer people were available. Now I know that this company has 6 callcentres in the UK (its on their website) and I was told that they have about 500 people at each one. That's 3000 people answering the phone, so I really can't believe that they can't arrange that there are sufficient people to take their lunches at different times to keep the lines open.

Anyway I made a written complaint about being cut off and being left hanging on an open line and received a call back from them full of apologies and offering a £20 cheque for my inconvenience.

  morddwyd 19:41 18 Sep 2013

I usually give and old work number.

You gab always get one of the free sims that phone companies offer. They always come with a number.

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:42 18 Sep 2013

morddwyd, I should think that is the best solution.

  pavvi 23:04 18 Sep 2013

You have to be a little careful, On some sites if you are making a purchase, they may well cancel the sale if they are unable to reach you via the number provided. This is particularly the case with purchases of electronics.

  Quickbeam 00:58 19 Sep 2013

...or a Chinese takeaway ringing back to confirm your identity.

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