Faith in people, excellent story

  Blackhat 16:49 18 Jun 2012

1000 quid blown away

Any experiences that have built your faith in peaple?

  Aitchbee 17:19 18 Jun 2012

I recently went to a cash-machine and took out a tenner - for some reason I walked away without taking the note...after a few steps a young lady said..' have left your money'.I will never forget that.

  Aitchbee 19:44 23 Jun 2012

On the other hand, my GP (a lady doctor) told me to 'trust no one'.

Trust and Faith are different concepts.

  rdave13 20:01 23 Jun 2012

I think the majority of people are honest in this country - it's just the minority that cause the problems. Nice story nonetheless.

  woody 23:03 23 Jun 2012

See yougov "quote - Most Britons believe that over the last decade, the nation has become more dishonest, with 4 out of 5 believing ‘personal gain’ will generally beat ‘honesty and integrity’ "end quote

There are still a lot of nice people but i think we are going down hill.

  rdave13 23:19 23 Jun 2012

woody I also think that society is going "down hill" but if truth be told, who, in their right minds, would withdraw a grand at an ATM? To pay car insurance?

If not a mugger's dream then nature, through a simple trip, would gladly take over. This chap was lucky. This chap was undoubtedly stupid.

  Forum Editor 23:48 23 Jun 2012


"who, in their right minds, would withdraw a grand at an ATM? To pay car insurance?"

Pay attention - he didn't withdraw the money at an ATM, he withdrew it from the bank. You can't get £1000 from an ATM in any case.

  rdave13 00:04 24 Jun 2012

Forum Editor Quite right and I'm guilty of not taking notes.

Who in their right minds would go to a Bank and withdraw............ never mind.

I'll go back to listening to music :)

PS. I sometimes copy my reply and it's good that I did so because as I tried to post I was logged out.

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