FaceBook False account can you suggest anything?

  24/7 07:56 13 Nov 2008

Hi morning everyone, My cousin contacted me last week about the fact that someone has created a fake account with Face Book under his name, now my cousin is one of the best Super league players available (Rugby) & whoever it is have also added photo's of my cousin & personal information like the weight of his new born baby & name of her,

I’ve emailed the person's email that’s visible on face book twice, once politely & the second one a couple of days later a lot firmer as I hadn’t had a reply from them, Because he's a well known player the person who is claiming to be has his friends from all over the world & assuming they are sending him personal messages & he's replying as ive teamed up with a few people who was caught out & they’ve sent messages to him & had reply's,

Now ive also been in touch with Face Book twice over the last week & I’ve lost confidence in them as ive not as much as had a reply from them, I must point out my cousin doesn’t have a pc he's not interested in them if the truth is known, My cousin also called me yesterday & was very angry that face book hadn’t replied & that the person concerned is still keeping the account open even though been asked nicely to close it, Can anyone suggest anything cause I am in dire straits here & I am sure you can appreciate the seriousness of this

  spuds 12:35 13 Nov 2008

Surely if your cousin is " one of the best Super league players available (Rugby)", he would only need to consult his teams solicitor's for advice and possible action!.

I know quite a number of past and present world cup rugby players and lesser mortals in the sporting world, who I am sure they would consult their club's or agent first and foremost.

  24/7 13:15 13 Nov 2008

Spuds & where then..?? if facebook are not reply to the issue where would his solicitor go from there..? it would take months to sort out, i think they need to wake up & acknoledge this kinda problem..

  [email protected] 13:28 13 Nov 2008

It's a common problem on Facebook and other social networking sites that isn't confined only to celebrities. Some good looking females friends of mine have had this problem too. If you enter a famous person's name into the search bar, you often find many profiles of them, all with a picture of the same person.

I agree with what spuds has said - a letter from a solicitor is far more likely to get Facebook's attention than an e-mail from a random person.

  donki 13:53 13 Nov 2008

Working in a complaints department myself a solicitors letter to the Chief Exective of any company will get you a responce. Making a low level complaint will never get you very far.

  lotvic 18:57 13 Nov 2008

I do not think that you can deal with this on behalf of your cousin.
He will have to contact Facebook, solicitor etc himself.

how are Facebook to know that you have your cousins permission to request the closure of account - anybody could email and claim to be 'the cousin of... who doesn't like pc's and there is this 'fake account' etc'

  Forum Editor 19:02 13 Nov 2008

that your cousin must deal with himself. You can't expect Facebook to act on something that is reported to them by a third party.

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