morddwyd 09:33 13 Dec 2009

I have an old and trusted friend who has urged me to join Facebook a couple of times, but having seen various bad reports I'm a bit wary, so some reasoned advice please.

Is it really quite dodgy, or generally pretty good?

Couple of issues I have is that I understand that it is difficult to opt out once you are in, and that when I look at his invitation there are references to others in there, some of which are strangers, which doesn't bother me (ignore them) but two are from people who I do know casually (but my friend, who is in the US, doesn't), but who I know for a fact don't even know I have a computer let alone let alone an e-mail address, so how can they target me?

Would appreciate some help here, sorry if I'm being over cautious, but every now and again, in some areas, I do show my age!

  Cymro. 10:14 13 Dec 2009

for the same sort of reasons as you. In fact deleted my account almost immediately on joining. As it so happened I managed to delete my account with no problem. I wonder if I should have given the matter more time and thought but what the hell I have better things to do with my time.

  Clapton is God 10:30 13 Dec 2009

It's neither particularly "dodgy" or "pretty good".

But IMO you do have to be rather sad to use it.

  tammer 11:08 13 Dec 2009

It is simply a tool to help you stay in touch with people.

It is handy if, for example, you're a member of club as the club can have a group on facebook allowing everyone to keep in touch and to share photos of recent events.

You will find that younger people are much less wary about using this technology so it's handy if you want to keep in touch with nephews and nieces who live far away.

Things to remember:

>You can control who can see your details.
>You decide how much information to provide them with.
>You can opt out at any time.

  zzzz999 11:22 13 Dec 2009

its an excellent tool for staying in touch with friends and family near and far. You can share family photos and general chit chat news. You do not have to take part in any of the other stuff (on line games, etc). You also decide whether you want people as friends or not, no on else.

  walesrob 11:25 13 Dec 2009

I too had a Facebook account, but its long gone now. A combination of Google + any social networking site could mean potential trouble. Of course, signing up for these sites is purely voluntary, and whatever you post on your Facebook account is entirely up to you, but it is searchable/viewable by anyone (unless of course you tweak the settings for privacy options).

If its for a group or organisation, no problem, but personally, I doubt anyone wants to hear what I get up to on a day to day basis. I value my privacy, and if anyone wants to know what I'm up to, they can always call me, send a message via Yahoo messenger, email me, or heaven forbid, have a chat face to face.

  Toneman 14:45 13 Dec 2009

Very useful for seeing your friends' photos, otherwise the phone or skype...I don't put my own on it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:49 13 Dec 2009

Kids love it
but its not for this particular old dinosaur. :0)

Know of a couple of people who have lost there jobs by putting inappropriate material in their Facebook acount.

  spuds 15:57 13 Dec 2009

I joined it when it first hit the headlines, but having a number of responses from people who wanted to be my friend, brought a swift conclusion to that activity.

Reunited was another that I signed up to, all those years ago, which now seems to have fallen on lean times.

Twitters the in-thing now, but I believe even Mr S Fry is beginning to have doubts!.

  DANZIG 19:19 13 Dec 2009

Personally speaking, I quite like it. Yes, it can get dodgy but only if you let it!

The privacy settings can be pretty much tweaked infintely, you don't HAVE to add everyone you vaguely know - its all optional.

Admittedly I'm a touch of an addict to it, AND I can see why people don't like it. To me its just harmless, free fun.

As for putting inappropriate items on it, well, two options present themselves - 1) Don't! 2) Delete it!

  Chegs ®™ 20:29 13 Dec 2009

I was constantly asked by one mate to join facebook as his internet connection is desperately unreliable so chatting via any other means was frustrating.I finally joined it & was being barraged with emails telling me such & such has posted on your wall/joined your friends list,etc etc but a little temper tantrum soon fixed that(I get nothing now :) )I only use it now to chat to my mate while we play "Mafia Wars" and I have gained over 5300 "friends" on facebook to increase my mafia size & then delete them.I have also noticed just how lacking some users personal security is as I found a neighbours (female) profile contained full name/age/date of birth/kids ages & personal details and also mobile phone number,house phone number,door number,etc.When I pointed out that this wasnt a good idea,she responded with "why?" so I called round & explained that it wasnt just her and her friends could see all this information but anyone in the world.I then changed her profile page to only include her name and was given a coffee as thanks. :)

I also login to my facebook pages from my mobile as the messenger client on my phone refuses to display any messages sent from my desktop,but works no problem with any other PC so when out & about I can contact my GF/daughter at home if the basic voice communication isnt suitable(easier uploading pictures rather than trying to describe items)

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