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Fabrice Muamba collapse - changed the feel of football?

  Graham* 20:18 24 Mar 2012

From today's game BBC report I get the impression the young player's unfortunate heart attack has had a positive effect on the game. I hope he soon recovers and is able to resume his place in the Bolton team.

  Forum Editor 13:20 25 Mar 2012


I'm surprised that someone old enough to referee a football match didn't have any previous experience of anaphylactic shock, and didn't have an epinephrine pen with him. It's unusual to reach adulthood without knowing that you suffer from Anaphylaxis.

  dikul 14:26 25 Mar 2012

FE I don't know whether I suffer from Anaphylaxis either as I j Have manged to reach the ripe age of 61 without ever being stung, bitten or otherwise assaulted by nature.

  dagbladet 14:56 25 Mar 2012

I attended a league 2 match on Tuesday night. Prior to kick-off there was a minutes applause for Muamba. At this stage it was common knowledge that he was out of danger and whilst a long long road to recovery, he was responding well. Whilst both sets of fans observed the minutes applause I wasn't actually sure what I was applauding.

  morddwyd 20:07 25 Mar 2012

"had a positive effect on the game"

It would appear not, in Scotland anyway.

17 arrests and three sent off, including the manager, at Ibrox.

  Aitchbee 21:41 25 Mar 2012

All of the Old Firm fans were happy, today...over 50,000 - minus a coupla dozen.

Rangers delayed Celtic from winning the Scottish League happy 'Gers fans


Celtic fans were quite buoyed up, happy in knowing that Rangers Football Club might not even exist, come July.

And, the sun shined for both teams today!

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