F1 This weekend

  smartpoly 14:59 09 Mar 2010

Do you think this season will be more interesting?

4 World champions on the start grid, 3 new teams, Schumacher V Hamilton, Mercedes V McLaren, I think there will be more battles than just the F1 title.

New points system, no refuelling etc. personally I think that we are in for a fascinating season, up front and mid field.

  canarieslover 15:07 09 Mar 2010

The only way F1 will get interesting is if they make the drivers wear blindfolds. No amount of fiddling with the with the system will stop it being the most boring processional television of the week. I would rather watch paint dry.

  Colin 16:23 09 Mar 2010

I can't wait for the F1 season to start. It rekindled my interest when Lewis Hamilton came on the scene. F1 seems like Marmite now - some love it, some hate it. Each to their own.

  DANZIG 17:26 09 Mar 2010

I'm not much of a sports fan but must admit to liking F1. It's the first corner that gets me. All those cars scrabbling for space and some inevitably coming off worse. It's also, I find, quite a relaxing thing to watch on a Sunday while Saturday nights excesses wear off. Plus I can bore my footy obsessed colleagues with the stats.

  Strawballs 18:54 09 Mar 2010

I really can't wait it will be a great season.

It has got to be much better than keeping birds as a pet must be like watching grass grow!!!!!

  canarieslover 20:44 09 Mar 2010

Its not birds I keep, its the islands I love.

  Strawballs 20:59 09 Mar 2010

It is just that some people seem to look for threads on subjects they don't like just so they can say it is like watching paint dry it's about time someone came up with a new one.

If I see a thread that i am not interested in I avoid the subject.

  IClaudio 21:02 09 Mar 2010

Hear, hear and well said! If you don't like it, please respect the feelings of those who do...

  Legolas 21:03 09 Mar 2010

Don't really know much about F1 no refuelling...how does that work then?

  Strawballs 21:11 09 Mar 2010

That means they have to build a car with a fuel tank big enough to last the length of the race, They still have to use both of the different types of dry tyre during the race, (unless it is a wet race)

  Legolas 21:16 09 Mar 2010

Will that not make the races slower and with more fuel on board more dangerous?

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