F1. No win No title.

  Blackhat 17:51 17 Mar 2009

I am wondering if this is good or bad for the sport?
click here
There are the obvious mathematical queries as to the potential outcome of the championship, ie win 3 races and the title if no one else wins more than 2. Someone could do that for the first 3 races and get injured and not race again when another could come 2nd every race,win 2 and get nothing!

  MAT ALAN 17:57 17 Mar 2009

FARCE!!! heard about this on news earlier i really do not see the point, it will be like matchplay you will get to a stage where racing will be pointless.

  user8 18:12 17 Mar 2009

This is not new to F1 it was done in the 1970's & early 80's i think.
It's just Bernie stirring the pot a bit & making it more exciting to watch!
It will however make a mockery out of the points system & will confuse everyone!
Interesting to hear what Murray Walker thinks of it.
PLEASE BBC bring back Murray!!!!!!!!!!!!

  polish 18:26 17 Mar 2009

dont like the idea if one team has a dominant car then the other drivers have no chance the season could be over early and not have the rollercoaster like we had in brazil in 2008

  Kemistri 18:35 17 Mar 2009

It makes a bit of mockery of racing, as if drivers were not bothered about winning races before this was dreamed up. It will now matter little what happens to any championship challenger who isn't running in or close to P1, so it could in some ways be counter-productive. The FIA should pay more attention to FOTA, which rightly lobbied for a three point gap between P1 and P2.

  laurie53 20:44 17 Mar 2009

I don't know how many races there are, but consider the scenario where half a dozen drivers win three races each, and one wins four, but all are otherwise DNFs..

Another driver comes second in every race, but he, and his manufacture, are eighth in the championship, below those who only completed three races?

  bremner 20:45 17 Mar 2009

I do not think this has been done in F1 before.

click here and look at the table showing who would have won the title under the new system. It includes entries form all decades.

BBS have brought Murray back click here

  Noldi 06:05 18 Mar 2009

I think it just needs a bigger point difference between 1st and 2nd that would make them a bit more eager to win. but also for the points to go lower down to make drives push lower down the order.


  Kemistri 15:31 18 Mar 2009

I agree with your first point and that is exactly what FOTA proposed. However, your suggestion that drivers don't push if points are not at stake is well wide of the mark.

And no, it has never been done in the F1 World Championship before. Perhaps you were thinking of a result that was influenced by dropped scores.

  Stuartli 16:08 18 Mar 2009

The idea is completely cream crackers.

The Premiership, for instance, isn't decided by how many wins a particular club has, but the number of points - if there's a tie on points, then goal difference is used.

  user8 16:37 18 Mar 2009

Cheers for that.

Bernie has really stirred it up this time!
Would not be to surprised if it all ends in tears!!
May even put some fans off watching?

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