F1 to be shared by BBC & Sky

  Quickbeam 18:23 29 Jul 2011

I think you know what I think of Sky, what do you make of a shared coverage with not all the race live on free to air?

Sky grab

  CurlyWhirly 22:46 29 Jul 2011

alan14 - The current F1 season has reached record viewing figures, which is entirely down to the excellent BBC coverage, and no adverts interrupting. ITV once dropped into adverts during the last lap.

I never went much on ITV's coverage as it really used to bug me when adverts would be shown whilst the action was taking place on the race track !

It's going to be as bad (I expect) with the Sky coverage and constant ad breaks.

  Strawballs 22:54 29 Jul 2011

I really don't want it to go to Sky but they have said that as with the football there will be no adverts during the race

  CurlyWhirly 23:09 29 Jul 2011

Strawballs - thank goodness for the clarity on ad breaks should I decide to go back to Sky.

  Aitchbee 23:53 29 Jul 2011

I might note have an interested response to this question but most guys watchin it in the pub think it is boring.

  CurlyWhirly 23:56 29 Jul 2011

rdave13 - Wonder why Sky doesn't take over the F1 coverage fully?


QUOTE: "Under the current Concorde Agreement - the commercial arrangement which binds together the teams, commercial rights holders CVC and motor sport's world governing body the FIA - a clause stipulates F1 must be free to air.

Mr Ecclestone is expected to argue that the contract has not been broken because half of the races will still be screened on the BBC."

  OTT_B 23:58 29 Jul 2011

I'm not entirely sure that this deal with Sky will go ahead - it could all backfire quite badly. The Concorde Agreement for broadcasting (roughly) says that TV coverage should be free-to-air, which Sky Sports obviously isn't. I don't know the ins and outs of the Concorde Agreement, but in order for viewing figures not to drop three things would have to happen:

Of the existing F1 viewers

  1. They would have to be current Sky Sports subscribers or
  2. Existing subscribers would have to be prepared to upgrade to Sky Sports or
  3. Non Sky subscribers would have to sign up to Sky Sports

Sky currently have better than 10m subscribers, which likely represents more than 8m households, or 20m people, excluding commercial subscriptions. I'm not sure that that is enough to retain viewing figures. Not at all sure.

In the end, if viewing drops too low then the teams will force CVC's hand. Then it's a question of which channel F1 goes to; BBC, ITV, C4 or C5.

The BBCs coverage for the last couple of seasons has been nothing short of superb. Far better than anything than has come before. They complain that it costs £20m to do, but then it gets more viewers on a Sunday than any other programme - and it's typically shown (race day) from the middle of the day. Hardly a peak viewing time! It makes me wonder what will be broadcast in its place. Murder She Wrote repeats, perhaps?

This all stinks of cash savings from a naive BBC controller, who doesn't understand what people actually want to watch, or how to control a budget to deliver popular viewing.

Maybe the Dept of Culture, Media and Sport should weigh in on this...on no, wait, there's no motorsport of any sort on the 'Crown Jewels' list of sports for the nation, despite almost all F1 teams being based and employing people in Britain.

Irrespective on how it plays out in the long term, CVC shouldn't be trying it on like this. F1 should be on free to air.

  Aitchbee 00:16 30 Jul 2011

Xbox gotham city racing game is good enough for me. The London scenes are good.No olympics scenic effects. Boris might be in the new edition.I am not kidding. have you seen all of those adverts. even up in bonny scotland..keeping it all low capitals at moment ... a year to go :-)

  morddwyd 08:05 30 Jul 2011

"TV coverage should be free-to-air, "

But no mention of "live"

My understanding is that only live broadcasts are affected by this new agreement.

BBC is still at liberty to show recordings.

  Quickbeam 08:13 30 Jul 2011

But if it's your sport, watching a later recording is like reading yeaterday's newspaper at breakfast because you have to wait for next door to finish today's because they tipped the paperboy more than you can afford!

  morddwyd 08:29 30 Jul 2011


Couldn't agree more, see my post about MotoGP, above.

However, I was simply commenting on the previous posts which suggested that this new contract broke an existing legal agreement.

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