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  Noelg23 21:04 10 Mar 2005

Hi you guys. You may have read my posting about broadband ISPs passing the "buck" to BT when it should be them dealing with their customers and not BT. well I was wondering if its possible at all do some sort of article about it so that people out there are aware of whats going on. It's entirely upto you if you want mention the ISPs who do this I dont mind. I just want people to be clear how the broadband circuit works and who the customers need to speak to when they have a broadband related problem. hope this is ok. and other forum members are welcome to voice their opinions about my request...for the posting in question its

click here

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 21:13 10 Mar 2005

You could have contacted the forum editor by the little envolope.

'Bump' your post to the top its much easier than writing it out again and wasting space.



  Noelg23 21:15 10 Mar 2005

I know that Ben...thanks for that...i should have written it as a letter now that you mention it...but no worries...

  Forum Editor 23:16 10 Mar 2005

and we'll leave it at that. Best not to run two threads on the same subject please.

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