Extremely off the wall-req for charity info

  achilles 22:50 11 May 2005

maybe someone can advise-
my 13 year old daughter has asked for a charitable donation in her name for her bday present-I thought support a child for education type thing-
I've trawled the net but many of them are strongly religiously affiliated but I would prefer to avoid any ideological solutions-will try othet sites but would not mind any experience or advice?

  Forum Editor 23:14 11 May 2005

and donate to the NSPCC. I cannot personally think of a more deserving and less religiously affiliated cause.

  Colinp 09:22 12 May 2005

click here

Yes, I do have a vested interest. My daughter goes there and they do very valuable work.


  Senile Syd 16:51 12 May 2005

What a lovely thing for a 13-year-old to do!

May I put in a bid for Cystic Fibrosis — or more accurately for the CF Research Trust? My 13-year-old granddaughter had CF and died four years ago. And it appears that new gene-replacement techniques are pointing the way to a possible cure.


  spuds 12:59 21 May 2005

Why not donate locally, and by doing so your daughter could extend her generosity to perhaps offering her services into a spare time voluntary capacity. By doing so, then she will have first rate experience of charity in her local community, and how her donation are being used.

Personally, and I am not being sarcastic,but I hate to see some of these larger organizations accounts, with large administration charges, so reducing benefits before they reach the needy.So in my case, it is local run charities at the top of my list.

  wallbash 15:21 21 May 2005

Please pass on to your daughter,

Have a wonderful Birthday.

  Diemmess 17:51 21 May 2005

Can only emphasise you look for local charities which often miss the larger handouts and need every penny just the same.

A very Happy Birthday indeed to the girl.

  Kate B 18:44 21 May 2005

Can I put in a bid for cystic fibrosis? One of my dearest friends is a single mum with two sons and her younger one has CF. She runs the marathon every year to raise funds - any extra would be much appreciated. Here's a link click here

Wishing your daughter a very happy birthday!

  gabriella 21:11 21 May 2005

Hi Achilles

A very happy birthday to your daughter and what a kind girl she sounds - you have taught her well!

I echo the posts of others in terms of thnking about giving locally - there will be many charities and local groups who would beenfit from a kin donation such as yours. I believe that generosity on a local level brings real difference to children/young people/adults.

NSPCC are a very well funded organisation with Royal Family patrons and may very well known and distinguished/wealthy donators. They are very lucky and I am sure do good work. However, alot of their money is directed away from services to children and into advertising. This is a fact which has been the subject of much public interest. The more local charities often struggle for money just to live a very hand to mouth existence.

I wish you and your daughter well in whatever charity you decide to go for.

Kind regards

Gabriella x

  Simsy 09:02 30 May 2005

put in a bid for cystic fibrosis.

The son of one of my best mates has it. When he was diagnosed, nearly 20 years ago, the typical life expectancy was late teens. The progress made with research into this condition has been fantastic in recent years, and, with financial help, I suspect that the next decade will see it no longer being a terminal condition.

May I offer thanks and prayers for the kindness of your daughter.



  Total Care Support 09:30 30 May 2005

Hi achilles,

I think it is very refreshing, with all that you see in the news and hear, that your daughter has obviously developed into a caring person.

Wish her, the very best for her birthday.

I agree with the local charity idea as not only if she wishes would she be able to possibly get more involved with that charity but also you may well be able to find something local which will allow her to feel or even see a benefit rather than some distant organisation. (Not to distracted for the needs of the other causes mentioned here)


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