Extreme winds.

  Brumas 09:26 03 Jan 2012

I've never known weather like it here on the North Northumberland coast, yesterday was bright sunshine and today the terrible wind has just blown down my front fence!! It is not a solid fence, the wind has just snapped the fence posts off at ground level.

Admittedly on checking, I have found that the wood had rotted, the fence was here when we bought the bungalow 12 years ago, but still must have needed some considerable force.

Well, it will have to wait as I need to drive to Wooler and that road may have trees down :o(

  Legolas 16:16 03 Jan 2012

buteman the trees were set alight by two young scamps who thought it would be a jolly jape. I believe my neighbour had a 'cough cough' word? with them shortly after.

Further to my last post I have noticed that the leylandii at the bottom of my back garden is now leaning at a rather jaunty angle :))

  sunnystaines 16:59 03 Jan 2012

heathrow seems to be doing well out of the winds the departing aircraft are getting a much higher lift on take off than they normally do, not see any 380's take off today though wondering if the large wings are too big for the gusty wind.

  Aitchbee 17:00 03 Jan 2012

cocteau48 - my pal's roof slates and other fixtures have been ripped off by the windblasts, and sadly to say , the roof was just retiled about six months ago.

Insurance companies will 'pick up the pieces'...I hope.

  cocteau48 17:59 03 Jan 2012


"Insurance companies will 'pick up the pieces'...I hope."

My neighbor phoned her insurance company today to tell them she had lost two roof tiles and three ridge tiles. She was told that they would send an assessor round tomorrow - Scotland still being on holiday today - I know they are ultra cautious about fraud nowadays but gone are the days that,with regard to storm damage,that they would tell you to get it fixed ASAP and send them the bill. In the meantime she risks further damage due to the incursion of rainwater.

  Aitchbee 18:12 03 Jan 2012

I will pass on your message, cocteau48...and will have a look at my own roof tomoro.

  sunnystaines 18:47 03 Jan 2012

don't count on insurance to pay out, we had some felt roof ripped in gales that were so strong some local large trees blew down blocking roads, yet the swinton said there were no storms recorded for our area. they never did pay out.

  Bingalau 18:48 03 Jan 2012

Here in Merseyside I think its bark is worse than its bite. The sounds are horrendous of the wind in the poplar trees over the road from me, but so far (crosses fingers; toes and other appendages hopefully) there has been little damage in the area. Good luck to you all and I hope it passes over quickly.

  Bingalau 18:52 03 Jan 2012

P.S. We are due to put our bins out tonight for an early collection tomorrow morning, but I think I shall leave mine where it is doing no damage and if the wind has abated by early morning I shall venture out in my night attire (looking like Scrooge with my night cap on etc.) to put the waste out ready for the bin men who probably won't come... woe is me!

  morddwyd 19:53 03 Jan 2012

Few weeks ago I commented on our first "red" warning for wind.

Today's wind was far worse, but only an "amber" warning (later uprated, but only after wind had struck).

My greenhouse spread itself all over the garden, the bolt was ripped right off the side gate and although the dustbin men didn't make it, the dustbin was blown over (and up the road) so many times there's very little left in it.

  ams4127 21:32 03 Jan 2012

Bit blowy here on Anglesey, but nothing compared to what you people have had. My commiserations.

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