Extreme winds.

  Brumas 09:26 03 Jan 2012

I've never known weather like it here on the North Northumberland coast, yesterday was bright sunshine and today the terrible wind has just blown down my front fence!! It is not a solid fence, the wind has just snapped the fence posts off at ground level.

Admittedly on checking, I have found that the wood had rotted, the fence was here when we bought the bungalow 12 years ago, but still must have needed some considerable force.

Well, it will have to wait as I need to drive to Wooler and that road may have trees down :o(

  Legolas 13:02 03 Jan 2012

Garage has moved slightly off its foundations making the doors jam :( We had high winds last week that blew down the next door neighbours two leylandii trees in there back-door they landed on the fence that separates their property from ours and if it had not been for the fence they would have landed on the garage, seems someone is hell bent on ruining our garage. The tress were dead after being set alight a couple of years ago by a couple of young scamps (trying to be polite)so just skeletons really, I have been waiting for some dry weather to go out and start to saw off some of the trees branches but the weather up here in Scotland has been rather damp lately. Last night the wind blew slates off a neighbours roof onto his car which was in his driveway done a lot of damage. Gusts of almost 100mph here in Paisley easing now just very wet.

  Aitchbee 13:22 03 Jan 2012

This morning, whilst on my bus journey into town, I counted six big trees which had been blown over by the wind. Some had been snapped off, leaving the bright wood tree interior, others had been uprooted by the force of the wind. Many big branches were strewn about, also.

Location: Glasgow's King's Park & Queen's Park, on the southside.

  birdface 13:48 03 Jan 2012


You can't complain at least you must have had some decent weather a few years ago.

[ The tress were dead after being set alight ]

  lucky1 14:01 03 Jan 2012

Been frightening here. Seems to be dying down a bit now though.

  WhiteTruckMan 14:27 03 Jan 2012

I'm just glad I'm off work for now. I enjoy a challenge in my line of work, but driving high siders isn't one of them. Besides, I've had an artic lift its wheels on me before. It's a very over rated experience!


  Brumas 14:33 03 Jan 2012

The job is done and so am I.... :o{ The wind is dying down a wee bit thankfully, although the top of our neighbour's eucalyptus tree is still thrashing about like a mechanical egg whisk!

  HondaMan 14:58 03 Jan 2012

Giood news on the way. High winds have left Cornwall!"

  cocteau48 15:05 03 Jan 2012

I noticed a glaziers van up the road from us this morning and assumed that someones window had been blown out. I have since found out that a ridge tile from the house opposite,at least 40 yards away,had gone through their lounge window.

Now that's frightening!

  john bunyan 15:07 03 Jan 2012

Here in the sunny (now) South- Solent- we had a stiff breeze of 72mph. A mere puff compared to late 1987, when 20 million trees were down; then, I lost all my fence panels (30) and a journey of 1 1/4 hours took me 5 hours.That experience ensured that the house and garden are as well prepared as possible for current conditions. I sympathise with our Scots and Northern friends, who are having so many storms recently.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:12 03 Jan 2012

East Midlads

Arrived home a 2pm to find one of my rear garden fence panels flapping in the breeze.

Secured it just in time before the rain stopped and wind has just died own.

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