Extreme winds.

  Brumas 09:26 03 Jan 2012

I've never known weather like it here on the North Northumberland coast, yesterday was bright sunshine and today the terrible wind has just blown down my front fence!! It is not a solid fence, the wind has just snapped the fence posts off at ground level.

Admittedly on checking, I have found that the wood had rotted, the fence was here when we bought the bungalow 12 years ago, but still must have needed some considerable force.

Well, it will have to wait as I need to drive to Wooler and that road may have trees down :o(

  wee eddie 09:34 03 Jan 2012

Currently I'm listening to Radio 4, on Line. I think that the Darvel Mast is out of commission.

  cocteau48 09:47 03 Jan 2012

91 mph recorded in Glasgow this morning .... and all of my neighbors ridge tiles are lying in my garden.

Don't mind admitting that it scares the ** out of me!

  Aitchbee 10:19 03 Jan 2012

I'm glad I left all my big plant pots on the ground a few days ago.(even some of them have blown over since last night).

Sitting here...indoors, whilst typing this, I am experiencing the noise of the ferocious winds in stereo, from the front and back of the building.

Every few minutes there is a hush, then a crescendo of howling winds...then a hush.

  interzone55 10:29 03 Jan 2012

I live in a park home near Morecambe, and didn't get a wink of sleep last night due to the high winds and heavy rain.

  canarieslover 11:27 03 Jan 2012

I had a hospital appointment this morning but QE2 bridge closed due to high winds and the hospital is the other side of the Thames to me. I queued for almost an hour trying to get on to M25 and finally gave up when I had been stationary for 40 minutes. I can't get hold of consultants secretary so I think she is in the same jam as I was.

  spuds 11:41 03 Jan 2012

High winds in my inland location of the country. Had to do some minor repairs this morning (just before the clouds opened to torrential rain), but the worst scene is the rubbish that as blown from the bins and bags, that has scattered all over the area. No waste disposal collection before Christmas, so extra amounts today, including extra Christmas waste!.

Bin man have just been, and emptied what was left in the wheelie bins. Recycle people are due later, but what will happen to the remains. The council street cleaners have 'surveyed' the area (rain stopped play so far), and for the first day back for them, it sure doesn't look very inviting?.

  Brumas 11:57 03 Jan 2012

Just returned with a 5 foot fencing post, after I have eaten let battle commence!! The journey was interesting to say the least - one dutch barn was being methodically stripped of it's corrugated roofing by the incessant wind, elsewhere branches were down. That's what scared me most - I didn't fancy colliding with a corrugated steel frisbee!!

  lotvic 12:08 03 Jan 2012

East Coast: I'm waiting for wind and rain to ease enough for me to tackle a 6' fencing panel that thinks it's a flag. Have got three fence posts propped and tethered to the washing post.

  spuds 12:19 03 Jan 2012

Looks like people using wooden fence post, might now need to think about using concrete posts. A little bit dearer, but much wiser?.

Just before Christmas we were contemplating replacing some of our wooden fence panels, and thought a January visit to one or more of the local manufacturer's might help support a lull in business. Looking and listening, that lull might now not be so?.

  sunnystaines 12:54 03 Jan 2012

got to reach winds of 118 kph to be a hurricane, i was recently out at sea in 117 kph gale force 11, the winds around here today are gusty but not as bad as a force 11

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