Extradite the man yes or no

  ronalddonald 12:15 01 Apr 2010

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Surely by now the Home Office would of given the solicitor an ultimatum with a time frame. The home office has been waiting a long time for representation from the solicitor.

Maybe a new law should be passed where represtations must me made with a speifictime frame. I there not met the indicvidual is autoomatically sent back.

This would certainly save on the tax payers money

  jakimo 12:51 01 Apr 2010

Its not uncommon to misread this type of article,it was only on the second reading did I realise it was the Home Office who were dragging their heels,nothing new there

  sunnystaines 14:59 01 Apr 2010

put him on the next boat to mombassa, he just a con artist trying his luck

  spuds 16:32 01 Apr 2010

The more you hear and read about Home Office procedures and judgments, the more confused you can get.

A couple of years ago, there was large scale support from quite a number of sections,regarding two individuals in our city,who had been a big bonus to the community, but were being forced back to their homeland, "because it was now safe for them to return home".

Since 'being forced' home, those two individual's have never been heard from. Even the church contacts have drawn a blank as to the peoples whereabouts.These two people had committed no crimes in this country, in fact they contributed and blended in very well, but the Home Office viewed the matter in a different light.

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