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  [DELETED] 20:50 23 May 2006

Here's a dilemma for anyone out there, recently purchased a Medion Hard Disk Drive from ALDI stores
with a view to backing up all my data. Attached it via the USB connection and all worked fine. Backed up the complete PC including all my personal letters and Banking details. Two weeks later the HDD fails, oh no!! access denied. Windows sees it as a piece of Hardware which suddenly needs a driver (Cypress AT2LP RC42) Google search reveals this has been experienced by others on similar hardware.
I sent a mail to Medion the supplier who, full credit to them, called me less than 12hours later at 10:00 on Sunday morning. I was amazed, I thought Medion would email me several weeks later with some fob off but no the guy was really polite and helpful. Full marks Medion.
Medion offered to repair the old HDD but by now I had lost faith - so exchanged the HDD for another new one at ALDI. The old one with all my personal data will be returned to ??? Medion I hope. But what guarantee do you have that Medion will erase all my data before having a quick peek? Its a risk I had to take. I have to trust that Medion will act in the interest of their customers. The alternative was to destroy the HDD and be £100.00 out of pocket. What would you do?

  anskyber 20:59 23 May 2006

Try it on another PC first to see if you can format the drive.

  [DELETED] 21:10 23 May 2006

...there is, in my opinion, no need to worry. it will probably end up in Medion's bin as unrepairable - why should they bother? It's a small cost to them!
If worried, and the disk contains sensitive data, you can always contact Medion by email again and insist they destroy any data on the disk. I think they'll understand.

  [DELETED] 11:35 26 May 2006

Thanks all for the positive feedback
Tried the HDD on my Laptop, same problem, not recognised.
Good news though e-mailed Medion with the full story, they responded with assurance they will format and erase the HDD after repairing..(or dispose of)
You hear so much about ID theft, cannot help worrying guess I could always change my name, address, job, gender, hey i dont exist anymore.....sorted!!. Paranoid? who me?

  [DELETED] 16:02 26 Jan 2010

I once had to recover data for a guy who had numerous external harddisks from medion, with a few of the disks I had the same problem as above.. you can still retrieve the data easily from these disks, however this way might break your warranty.
Just remove the hdd casing and plug it (internally) in your computer or use another case.

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