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external gas leak caused by builders

  2017 12:12 14 Jan 2017

who will need to be involved in the future safety of this supply during this continuing building work?

  Pine Man 12:37 14 Jan 2017

What building work?

By who?

  morddwyd 18:48 14 Jan 2017

If there's a gas leak, no matter how slight, you must, absolutely must, ring the Gas Emergency number.

  lotvic 18:56 14 Jan 2017

National Grid click here

So what happens when someone dials the National Gas Emergency Service?

Making the call

When you dial 0800 111 999 your call will be routed to the call centre.

It doesn't matter what time of day or night you ring - we have trained operators working round-the-clock waiting to take your call.

  bumpkin 20:00 14 Jan 2017

I was of the opinion that it had been repaired. The OP needs to give a proper explanation.

  lotvic 21:46 14 Jan 2017

The builders should have already involved National Grid when the first leak occurred. If the OP is any way worried that there may be problems with the builders causing a further leak he/she should ring National Grid.

  bumpkin 22:33 14 Jan 2017

Yes indeed, also makes me wonder why a first time poster would ask a question about a gas leak on PCA in the first place.

  oresome 11:28 15 Jan 2017

I once smelt gas by the outside meter cupboard at my daughters house.

She rang the emergency number and the man arrived within 30 minutes and repaired the connections to the meter. An impressive response.

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