And an ExpressCard is?

  [DELETED] 19:41 14 May 2006

We use a PCMCIA Vodafone - Mobile Connect 3G Datacard for talk back to the studio, this means we can be in constant comms as well as hearing what is being broadcasted. We can’t use it to transmit as the uplink isn’t fast enough with 3G, 3.5 G is but we don’t yet have that in the UK.

I have been using this system since it was released. I have just bought a new laptop, insertd the datacard to find it will not fit. PCMCIA has been replaced with the ExpressCard. You think you are aware of what is going on…...then you find you aren’t. Is this an obvious well announced hardware promotion that I have missed?

  powerless 19:48 14 May 2006

First time I knew about it was the Apple MacBook Pro's...

  Forum Editor 20:31 14 May 2006

or well-announced, but it's very definitely here to stay. Express cards will replace conventional PCMCIA slots in an increasing number of new laptop models, and I'm afraid we'll all have to live with the fact that our PCMCIA cards will be useless - there's no form of adapter that will enable their use in ExpressCard slots, although I'm sure that somebody will come up with one at some point.

You'll have to get the Beeb to pay for a new card, Chris.

  [DELETED] 08:25 15 May 2006

Add the datacard to a soundcard, firewire and capture card. All PCMCIA. This one slipped right under my radar.

Get the beeb to buy another card? Well they could I suppose but your licence fee will go up.

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