Exploding QI bulb

  SparkyJack 15:35 29 Jan 2012

Visiting my chum one evening each the three of us chatting- Him his wife and me- cat asleep on the back pf the couch when we were shocked by a resounding BANG The room lighting dimmed by 50% a smell of buring, coils of smoke spiralling up from various loctions on the carpet, Chum leaping up desparatly clawing ar his shirt to remove it- drinks in hand spilled. What was it?

Behind my chums chair resides one of those father and son lamps - an up-lighter and reading lamp combination The up-lighter quartz bulb and cover has exploded, showering chards of red hot quartz everywhere.

This morning as I have one such I lowered the item to eye-level to inspect the uplight to discover a think layer of dust- which I cleaned off- was this a possible cause of the incident at my mates?

  bremner 16:55 29 Jan 2012

Don't know about they light but that is the first time for many a year I have seen the use of the word "chum", seems to have gone out of fashion.

  oresome 17:15 29 Jan 2012

I think this can happen if the bulb has been touched when fitting it.

The fingers leaves a film of oil on the glass which can cause it to overheat.

  lotvic 21:41 30 Jan 2012

Yes, but what happened to the the cat?

  muddypaws 22:24 30 Jan 2012

Hope it made it to the litter tray!

  Aitchbee 22:56 30 Jan 2012

A mouse (called Jerry) was obviously involved.

  SparkyJack 08:55 31 Jan 2012

Said cat asleep on the back of the couch behind me did not even flinch- according to to Pat - my mats missus

  SparkyJack 11:05 08 Feb 2012

A happy ending to this one Friend trook the whole assembly back to the shop and they replaced it- no haggle.

  TonyV 11:28 08 Feb 2012

We have an uplighter which has one of the 4" long halogen style bulbs and one day there was a loud crack and the glass cover over the bulb had broken. The bulb had also expired though didn't explode. We also went back to the shop we bought it from and they gave us a new glass cover for the bulb with no quibble. It is perhaps a feature of this style of lamp and we need to keep an eye open for any problems.


  wiz-king 13:05 08 Feb 2012

SparkyJack Did they replace the dust as well? Or charge extra for it. grin

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