explanations by video.

  wolfie3000 00:15 29 Apr 2006

I have found that google video has a wealth of answers to pc problems from fitting hardware to sorting out software.

Does anyone else use this as yet untapped source of information?

we could in the future when helping others in the forums direct them to a video clip on google video that will show them what to do to remedy there problem.

Heres a few i found.

click here

  remind 00:46 29 Apr 2006

Very useful.
I think the forum in general should have `stickies` to direct people to common answers, VoG has a standard reply for installing Ewido that would be perfect for the multiple `spyware` posts that appear on the forum.

  rdave13 01:22 29 Apr 2006

An excellent find. I'll have to browse a bit more and learn even more again through the medium of google vid.

The whole point of a forum is to be able to tell a "forumite" (the next best thing to a friend I believe) your problem on your particular PC. VoG™'s standard reply to download ewido is much preferable to a blue "click here". Especially if the questioner is new to the site.

On the otherhand,wolfie3000's link is another useful tool to help others.

  remind 01:25 29 Apr 2006

Yes, I see your point - but if you were a `newbie` wouldn't you click on a link stating `remove common spyware/adware problems`?

  wolfie3000 01:34 29 Apr 2006

my idea with the google videos was that sometimes its hard to explain to someone through text how to solve some problems say right click on your desktop goto properties then click settings ect.......

when a video showing exactly what to do will be easier for both parties.

But i think this will help out "newbies" as all they have to do is watch a video to show them what to do instead of reading through text.

  rdave13 01:35 29 Apr 2006

If that was their problem,yes ,but if they are newbies how would they know that was their problem? That is the whole point of a forum. A newbie to computers might have a problem and explain it to their best abillity and the forum members would then try and solve the problem by asking questions to the newbie about the pc's systen etc., to get a better idea of what's gone wrong.

  rdave13 01:38 29 Apr 2006

Sorry, just answering remind's last post.

  remind 01:39 29 Apr 2006

OK, I see your logic - I suppose most `stickies` do require a certain level of expertise before readers can follow the instructions.

  wolfie3000 01:39 29 Apr 2006

i understand that Rdave13 but after finding a solution to the problem a video showing what to do would be usefull im not saying that forum members should rely on videos all the time just as another tool to explain how to solve issues.

  rdave13 01:41 29 Apr 2006

I totally agree with you. Must learn to type faster :((

  wolfie3000 01:43 29 Apr 2006

BTW type in japanese tv into google video,
Some of the clips are nuts look out for a girl who trys to drink tea and nearly throws up im still crying with laughter now. :)

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