Explain yourself FE

  spikeychris 15:17 17 Jul 2004

Tell us your worst day, your best day, your busiest day and your quietest day as the FE in the forums.

  Forum Editor 15:40 17 Jul 2004

That's a hard one - so many memories............

Worst day: The day after we closed the old Lounge forum. Some people couldn't accept that their favourite place had gone and they reacted by trying to sabotage the other forum areas. I also got a lot of hate mail, and some of it was awful. I won't go into details, but it wasn't a happy time.

Best day: The day I learnt that we had been nominated for an award - The best community publishing site in the UK - a couple of years ago. We were pipped at the post by one of the big daily newspapers, I forget which one.

busiest day: see worst day.

Quietest day: When the forum went offline earlier this year during the server changeover.

I truth it isn't easy to recall landmark days. Much of my time here has been truly enjoyable, and I've seen both the worst and the best sides of human nature. Fortunately the good far outweighs the bad, and I consider that we're very fortunate in having some really lovely people as regular forum helpers. Without them my job would be impossible.

It's always fairly busy in my office because I have other things going on the whole time. Apart from being FE I have a business to run, and of course I write a regular page in the magazine. That involves research and meetings etc., and inevitably I'm struggling to meet my deadline. Fortunately we have in Guy Dixon one of the best magazine editors in the business, and I can always rely on him to bail me out of trouble if I'm a bit late with my copy.

It may not see like it at times, but this forum is fun as far as I'm concerned. It has its ups and downs, but it has a life of its own, and is addictive. I've been here for along time now (as have some of you) and you would have to dynamite me out of this chair after all this time.

Thanks Chris, for providing an opportunity for me to say that.

  spikeychris 16:32 17 Jul 2004

The lounge used to freak me out a bit, virtual drinking has never been one of my fortes and I always found it strange so never posted. I do however remember the outcry and the dozens of threads that appeared. I didn’t realize though that you took so much flak for it, there will still be some that think it was the wrong decision but most of the people who complained, will I’m sure have realised by now that it was the right decision to be made.

Awards, how do you quantify who should win and who should loose? Trinkets mean nothing (Unless of course we had won, then I wouldn’t have said that?) it’s the effort, input, and humor that make a community website. How a broadsheet newspaper could have won that is beyond me!........... (I’ll stop talking about that now)

"It has a life of its own, and is addictive" I whole heartedly agree, it moves at speeds that other equally as big (as in bandwidth and possibilities) sites can only envy, the response time is remarkable and this must make your job harder now than it was at the beginning.

Addictive? I again agree but find it difficult to understand why? I’m a pragmatist (sometimes) so how can I spend so much time in a website trying to answer questions on computers when I do that all day at work? An analogy from my wife is that she’s a manager at the Dept for work and pensions and she wouldn’t dream of coming home and start working out facts and figures for this and that. Hard one to answer when she uses that as a question as to why I am spending time here, my kids call me a sad geek and they think I ought to get a life. How to explain to them? It’s a collection of typed words on a screen that change at regular intervals yet it can cause you to receive the mail you did when the lounge was closed. It’s not a chatroom where all and sundry is bleated out and one-upmanship is encouraged, its not a place where personal information is shared and meetings arranged or marriage proposals made.

Maybe there is no quantifiable explanation as to why its works so well and I can live with that.


  zanwalk 17:19 17 Jul 2004

Very well put, both FE and spikeychris.

I think we are very fortunate to have such a (on the whole, and thanks to FE) weel behaved and civilised forum. I for one, would not bother to come here if it ever descended into a glorified chatroom with bad language, etc. If you compare it to other forums online, it is head and shoulders above them. My thanks to the FE and all contributors who make this possible.

  zanwalk 17:21 17 Jul 2004

'weel behaved'? = well behaved! Keyboard is misbehaving again.....!

  Sapins 17:40 17 Jul 2004

Thought you had a Scottish keyboard for a moment then!

  Al94 22:22 17 Jul 2004

Interesting thread, the forum wouldn't be what it is without the steadying influence of FE, enjoyed reading his response. I've seen some other forums on the net and they range from Ok to truly awful with virtually no moderation. I dont post that much, I consider myself far from being expert and yes - I have had the odd run in with FE! However some good people have helped me and on occasions I have been able to help others so that's what it's all about. Keep up the good work PCA and FE.

  Chegs ® 23:54 17 Jul 2004

I often equate the PCA forum to the days of illegal CB radio.There were numerous clubs,social events,folk who would offer their advice/opinions on everything from CB's to burial/cremation.They legalised it,and all the "fun" went,spoiled usually by someone who hated listening to conversations.Here though,we have FE wading in with the whip,flogging the wrongdoers into order and a marvelous job he's done/still doing.When the lounge disappeared,I was contacted and asked to join a "witch-hunt" against him,I couldn't see the point in causing trouble in the forum,as it wouldn't have been just FE that suffered(not that I wanted to irritate just FE either)but us all.I used to think,"I envy him,I could do that job much fairer" but sorry mate,you can keep it,far to much trouble for me. :-)

  kev.Ifty 00:27 18 Jul 2004

I have been a member of this Forum for about 7 or 8 months now, and can say that i have learnt more from my vists here, in that time than any other one place.

I too would like to thank FE for the time put in, in keeping this Forum the enjoyable and educational place that it is.

It is interesting that Spikeychris, when refering to the FE's comments about awards, says "if WE had won...." That is precisely what crossed my mind (How come WE did not win?)

Who is WE?..... PCAdvisor owns the Forum, but WE (along with many others)make it what it is.

When i first joined,i was intrigued to know where the Members were. Were there any from different countries in Europe or even further a field. I had one answer to my question from The Falklands, MikeyT.

I do not belive there is another Forum that can boast the same number of dedicated members or come close to the speed of response when someone is in need.
Or even the fact that there at least two web sites created because of the sense of comunity felt by some . click here and of course.. click here

Bestwishes to you all.

Cheers Kev

  kev.Ifty 00:31 18 Jul 2004

Sorry 2nd link was a bit of fun and should be..

click here LOL

Cheers Kev

  Danoh 19:23 20 Jul 2004

Well done indeed, FE & PCA!!! I didn't get to hear about that, probably because I don't visit often enough.

Bit puzzled about how the award could be judged; number of subcribers or subscribers by activity levels?

Each successful online community will obviously be the favourite for the most active subscribers, as the community serves their needs and provides clear value. So I presume it can't be scored by community members voting?

I've certainly gained loads from other forum members contributions and I try to help in whatever small manner I can. Can't remember how long I've been a member but it was before the Lounge days although I remember reading the fallout over its closure, which just left me wondering what it was all about.

Great forum with generously spirited members ~ here's to its continued health!!

Great site with members details, especially the jokey ones!!

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