Ex-Labour ministers 'offered services for money'

  peter99co 10:18 21 Mar 2010

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Pigs and troughs again?

David Cameron wants the amount of time before former ministers are allowed to lobby the government to be doubled - with tougher penalties for breaking the rules. Secret lobbying on behalf of businesses was the "Next big scandal waiting to happen" in Westminster after expenses.

  QuizMan 10:29 21 Mar 2010

I suspect this sort of thing has been going on for as long as parliament has been in existence. That is not to condone it, merely to state what I believe to be true. The MP's were silly enough to be caught out. I read elsewhere that conservative MP's were similarly approached, but spotted the ruse and reported it to their whips.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:31 21 Mar 2010

Oh dearie, dearie me. Even if Byers did have 'second thoughts' (a remarkable coincidence methinks) he should never have allowed himself to be put in that position especially as he is supposed to be an expert (*ahem*). I sometimes feel safer in the hands of the 'armchair generals' than this lot of avaricious money-grabbers. This is not going to look too good to the general public.


  peter99co 12:02 21 Mar 2010

The TV (secret video) interview is quite revealing. Hard to deny the facts I think.

  WhiteTruckMan 12:40 21 Mar 2010

Not for a politician!


  Strawballs 15:43 21 Mar 2010

Why is this any different than ex-Tory ministers offering nationised industries for a seat on the newly privatised board?

  egapup 15:44 21 Mar 2010

Bring back hanging just for MP's, anything underhand, refusing to answer a simple question, any lies and it's the gallows for you sir. Perhaps then we'll get people who are really intersted in running the country and not linning thier own pockets......FE, this is meant as a bit of sarcasm and not intended to be taken seriously.

  morddwyd 19:43 21 Mar 2010

Labour this time, Tories the last time when they were about to lose power.

It attaches to the government of the day around election time.

There are literally armies of people out there trying to dig up stuff that they can sell to the newspapers.

Luckily for us, every now and again one of them succeeds in getting something, and again luckily for us the papers are allowed to print it and take their chance in court.

Better this than the Myanmar or Zimbabwe examples.

  morddwyd 20:33 21 Mar 2010

"Do you have evidence?"

Do you have evidence that Strawballs was picking on Shaun Woodward?

I can't see any reference to him (and had never heard of him 'til I googled!).

I am also a bit confused since Strawballs mentioned (un-named) ex Tory ministers, and Woodward is Labour.

  Forum Editor 20:40 21 Mar 2010

Human nature reveals itself - not for the first or last time.

I have other, more important things to get heated about, such as why there are no fresh croissants for my breakfast this morning.

  Woolwell 20:47 21 Mar 2010

Shaun Woodward changed sides from Conservative to Labour. He is not what one would normally regard as typically labour being very wealthy, see click here, or is that becoming the norm nowadays.

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