Everybody to have a personal web page.

  canarieslover 12:44 20 Mar 2010

Government thinking that this is the way forward.
click here
For me its no problem, but my wife won't go near a computer. Where my mother lives the average age of inhabitants in the immediate vicinity is probably in the high 70's and I don't think any of them have ever used the internet, so is a personal web page going to be used by them? Do we have to wait for another generation to die before everybody is able to use a facility like this?

  birdface 15:56 20 Mar 2010

And what happens when they loose or misplace a copy of everyones details as I am sure that they would eventually.
Nothing to stop them from spying on all of your details.
A step forward or a step back.

  johndrew 16:09 20 Mar 2010

Sounds like another jackboot policy to me.

  beynac 16:21 20 Mar 2010

This just sounds like an extension of the available services on the Government Gateway (click here).

I don't see any problems, provided it's use is not compulsory for all.

  birdface 19:54 20 Mar 2010

[provided it's use is not compulsory for all]

Going with the news tonight it will be.
I wonder if they are going to supply everyone with computers as well as broadband.
Plus you don't need to go down and sign on the Dole if you are not working as everything will be done on line.

  Forum Editor 20:18 20 Mar 2010

The problem will be in the execution and subsequent servicing.

I foresee yet another expensive IT bungle - there will be IT consultants rubbing their hands with glee.

  sunnystaines 20:23 20 Mar 2010

if i had a web page [i think my ISP has this included] I would be lost as to what to put on it.

let alone how to set it up, i have office xp frontpage software but never used it.

  robgf 20:43 20 Mar 2010

While the idea seems reasonable to those of us who use the internet a lot and for a variety of tasks. I know a lot of people who can use email and perhaps a bit of shopping and thats it. Anything more advanced and they are stumped.

And some people just aren't interested (my parents for instance. Mum thinks it's a rather childish pursuit and dad says " I had enough of b****y computers at work").
You may get whole sections of society effectively disappearing off the radar.

My local library swapped to a completely computerised system a while back and you rarely see OAPs in there now, as they couldn't get on with the system. I saw one old lady, almost in tears, after being shown how to work the system numerous times, she eventually walked out, saying she wouldn't be able to use the library anymore.
Funny things is, despite the library only needing book stackers now, there still seem to be as many staff, just sitting talking.

Finally, think of the fun you could have, if you found out someones "unique identifier". Probably not that hard to find, given a few minutes access on their computer, given how secure email, etc accounts are.

  Forum Editor 20:55 20 Mar 2010

The idea is not that you would create a page - the government would do that. You would use your page as a portal to access government services. Everyone would have a unique identifier (I can hear the sharp intake of breath from here), and use it to get access to services, make appointments, tax cars, etc., etc.

As I said, the idea is good - it's the execution that concerns me.

  Covergirl 23:05 20 Mar 2010

. . . "the secure site would include a Facebook-style interactive service" I'd be a little concerned if I asked my doctor for an appointment for my piles and it appeared on all my friends pages. Ha Ha (Not gottem really, just an example).

  Awshum 00:46 21 Mar 2010

"there will be IT consultants rubbing their hands with glee."

Aren't you an IT consultant? Get in there! xD

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