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  TopCat® 18:08 04 Aug 2008

No, it's not the Tesco slogan, as it happens, but something new I found on my energy supplier's website today.

I was looking to take on a fixed price tracker energy package with them which runs until July 2010. This would mean that any increases in fuel prices up to then will still happen, but they give a 2% discount on the price. I'm still thinking about taking on this package.

However, on looking further around the website I found this new scheme at click here I would think other suppliers have similar schemes available, so if you, or anyone you know qualifies, then you or they could possibly save a little cash. I hope this helps someone. TC.

  bluto1 23:48 04 Aug 2008

I'm also looking for ays to cut expenses, being a pensioner. Although I'm with Southern Electric now, I see this offer of 20% discount as an undisguised means test.

  TopCat® 00:32 05 Aug 2008

I should point out here that I am not looking for any help on pricing myself. I was just pointing out that there is some help on offer for those strugglng to make ends meet. I think the rules state that any qualifying person paying more than 10% of their total income will get help.

In order to qualify I would think these suppliers have to ask relevant questions on household running costs so as to assess qualification. TC.

  laurie53 08:51 05 Aug 2008

Like so many similar schemes, they are means tested.

For people of my generation this has so many unhappy memories that some of us will freeze to death rather than be so humiliated.

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