Every day in every way things are getting better..

  Forum Editor 07:54 15 Sep 2015

At least they should if you practice the art of marginal gains

I found this fascinating, until I got to thinking -it's just common-sense really, isn't it?

  Quickbeam 08:04 15 Sep 2015

It was the marginal gain philosophy that won us so many golds in the London Olympics.

  Dragon_Heart 10:59 15 Sep 2015

.... but is this not simply a renamed version of the traditional 'Time & Motion' study ?

  spuds 13:24 15 Sep 2015

Obviously, this is a subject that is on a different planet to my mindset.

When people start talking about marginal gains, painting floors white and wind tunnels.I tend to lose the plot, thinking here again is another person trying to justify the job that they have taken on ;o)

  Gordon Freeman 13:50 15 Sep 2015

Nothing new here for me, I work with businesses doing CI, process improvement, etc.

'Logical incrementalism' is really about small step-changes over a period of time in a change process. It is common sense really but the key is having the skills to break process down, identify blockages, develop the right solution, then manage the change process.

  wee eddie 14:06 15 Sep 2015

A new broom needs to justify it cost!

  Forum Editor 18:58 15 Sep 2015

"but the key is having the skills to break process down, identify blockages, develop the right solution, then manage the change process."

That makes perfect sense.

Back in the day, when I was managing big projects we used to swear by critical path analysis. It's still widely used, and is a valuable tool, but of course it's about getting the project delivered on time.

The aggregation of marginal gains is a different concept - take two people, and watch them make decisions about the same things. If one person makes a decision that is say 1% better or worse than the other person there is no real discernible difference.....the first time.

Let the same two people make repeated decisions, and as time goes on those 1% differences, aggregated, can make a huge difference- the two curves diverge, and become wider and wider apart.

That's what enables one person to perform so much better than the other, and in a sporting context it can win you a gold medal.

In a commercial environment the difference goes straight to the bottom line - the company makes more profit.

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