Ever wondered how drugs got in to prisons

  Cymro. 10:52 02 Sep 2018

BBC link

Hundreds of prison staff have been caught smuggling drugs, weapons and mobile phones into jails, according to the Observer. A Freedom of Information request by the paper found that 341 staff in England and Wales had been dismissed, excluded, convicted or cautioned by police in the past six years as a result. So now we all know mind you I bet most of us suspected it to be so.

  Aitchbee 12:13 02 Sep 2018

and I thought it was all done by drone technology and high-calibre catapults.

The Observer report is certainly an eye-opener, if true.

  Al94 17:38 02 Sep 2018

Never wondered - always obvious.

  bumpkin 22:24 02 Sep 2018

Of course they are taken in by staff, I would have thought that was obvious.

  MPN1A 19:18 03 Sep 2018

It's quite likely that some individuals have been told to take stuff into their prison or they/their partners/children would suffer.

  wee eddie 09:10 04 Sep 2018

Drugs, in a Prison, are valuable.

Prison Officers are paid peanuts.

What does anyone expect

  Forum Editor 14:54 05 Sep 2018

"...I bet most of us suspected it to be so."

I bet most of us were certain it was so.

I have often thought that a way to kill two birds with one stone as it were, would be to invest in putting drug treatment clinics inside prisons. People are often incarcerated for considerable periods, and that would allow for the recovery process to be completed. Prisoners might be released free of one of the problems in their lives, at least.

All we have to do then is stop drugs getting in, and that's a very much more difficult problem.

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