Ever heard of a shredder?

  interzone55 11:12 04 Nov 2011


With householders constantly reminded about identity theft and the need to shred all documents with addresses on, why do MPs offices and many businesses think it's ok to chuck documents in the bin.

We have shredder bins all around our offices, and once a month Iron Mountain come round and empty the bins directly into an industrial shredder in the back of a wagon.

Whilst this is not something every small business and MPs office can afford, a simple cross-cut shredder costs about £20 from Argos...

  wiz-king 11:30 04 Nov 2011

The only problem is -- shedded paper take up a lot more space in the bin.

  interzone55 11:35 04 Nov 2011

shredded paper takes up no more space in the bin if you compress it, and both councils I've lived in recently have accepted bagged shredded paper in the recycling

  anskyber 11:55 04 Nov 2011

Unusually slack debating from you fourm member

The point is the transparent recycling bags also contained personal details of the Liberal Democrat's constituents. Whether it was potentially mundane or not is irrelevant, it breaches data protection. So your speculation about what may or may not have happened does not carry things forward.

  v1asco 14:12 04 Nov 2011

Wevarentold to put our shreddings in the garden waste bin.

  anskyber 15:39 04 Nov 2011

fourm member

OK, I accept the reasonableness of the factual position as you set it out. Technically there is no ruling and there is room for doubt and as a result Cable could be in the clear.

I formed my opinion from two quotes, one from a spokeswoman from the ICO who said "This is the second example in recent weeks of an MP or their staff allegedly mishandling constituency paperwork and again highlights the need to ensure that personal details are kept secure," I acknowledge the word "allegedly"

Secondly from Vince Cable himself when he is quoted as saying "Nonetheless, some correspondence which should have been protected was placed in bags for recycling outside the office.

"I apologise unreservedly to all my constituents for what has clearly been an unacceptable breach of their privacy."

  flycatcher1 16:05 04 Nov 2011

My Shredding goes into my compost bins - the worms love it.

I know that organic gardeners frown on this practice.

  Woolwell 16:05 04 Nov 2011

My recycling sacks are transparent and I don't think that the local council is stupid for having transparent bags. I don't put discarded correspondence in them un-shredded and neither should Vince Cable's staff. I haven't heard that any disciplinary action has been taken against the member of staff.

  Aitchbee 19:25 04 Nov 2011

I use a manual 'hurdy gurdy' type shredder, so much greener.

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