Ever had party wall soundproofing done?

  mrwoowoo 00:22 14 Aug 2008

How effective is soundproofing on a party wall?
Our neighbour is rather deaf and has his telly really loud.
I have seen high density, acoustic insulation blocks from Wickes, which they say need no studding.
Other types of insulation mats go between battens and are then boarded and skimmed over.
I don't mind paying out if the reduction in noise is significant.
Anyone had any first hand experience of their effectiveness?

  gardener 00:32 14 Aug 2008

A lot of noise tends to travel through floor joists rather than the walls, at least that's my experience. If the joists run into the party wall, that is.

  Dragon_Heart 01:25 14 Aug 2008

Independent living if you are deaf or hearing impaired

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  crosstrainer 06:14 14 Aug 2008

I don't think it's worth the expense on a party wall to be honest. That's why recording studios are detached buildings in the country!

  GRIDD 12:19 14 Aug 2008


  Si_L 12:30 14 Aug 2008

You could spend about £20 and invest in a pair of wireless headphones for your neighbour. Is his birthday coming up soon?

  mrwoowoo 12:41 14 Aug 2008

Trouble is that it's general noise as well.
You can even hear his cuttlery when he's eating and the microwave when it's heating food, through to the ping at the end.
All very annoying.

  gardener 12:56 14 Aug 2008

Do both the houses have suspended floors? If so then the whole floor tends to act like a sounding board. In which case I think you'd be wasting your money doing the walls.

  Si_L 14:48 14 Aug 2008

Best bet is to talk to a professional.

  cluckinbell 14:54 14 Aug 2008

You can hear his microwave pinging? I assume its just a stud partition wall that you have between your houses / flats then?

Then was an excellent DIY article on sounproofing a room on a HiFi webiste, i will see if i can dig it out for you.

Is it mainly low or high frequencies that seem to cause most nusiance?

  mrwoowoo 15:25 14 Aug 2008

It's a cavity walled semi-detatched.
Not sure why the sound carries so much,could well be the floor joists where they enter the wall.
I have looked at all the options, materials,costs and the claims of how effective the noise reduction is and the causes.
The problem is that you can't always believe the claims with regard to decibel reduction as they obviously want to sell their products.
That's why i would just like to hear from someone who has actually had it done.

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