The events of Today

  esbe 16:47 07 Jul 2005

Not pc related, so please Mr FE delete if you feel the need, but I'm sure all our thoughts are with all of those caught up in todays atrocities, and with their family and friends.

  mole44 17:15 07 Jul 2005

all my family are appalled,we send our sympathy to all those who are no longer with us or are injured in any way either mind or body.

  Forum Editor 17:38 07 Jul 2005

and those of us who live and work in London have today had a particularly nasty reminder of just how close we are to tragedy. I was in the South of the city when this morning's events unfolded, so I saw and heard nothing until suddenly the news alerts came in over the internet. The PCA offices are within earshot of the bus blast, and they heard it clearly.

Let me ask all those who may want to add to this thread to resist the temptation to make comments of a political or racial nature. They'll be deleted without warning.

  €dstowe 17:42 07 Jul 2005

I moved my home and business out of London some months ago - for practical reasons that my main clients were not local and because of the congestion charge for my employees.

Boy, I'm glad I did.

I am very sorry for everyone involved - the victims and all of the emergency service staff alike.

  Andybear 18:35 07 Jul 2005

I spent several years working at a bank just up the road from the Tower of London and travelled on the Circle Line from Kings Cross to Tower Hill. Two years ago I got made redundant and have been working locally in North Herts since then. Am I glad that happened.

Like everyone else my thoughts and sympathy are with everyone affected.

  Dorsai 18:45 07 Jul 2005

What can one say?

It's evil.

My heart goes out to those who have lost relatives/friends.

May those responsible be swiftly brought to justice.

  Hamish 18:55 07 Jul 2005

Condolences to all affected

  Kate B 18:56 07 Jul 2005

I think we can only be grateful that Al Qaeda - for it seems to be them, or a group linked to them - didn't use the huge bombs they deployed in Bali and Madrid. "Only" 37 dead is a blessing when you consider how many they could have killed with huge bombs in the Tube.

A black day for London.

  PUNKA 19:19 07 Jul 2005

Deepest Condolences to all affected by this atrocity,we have been in similair situations befor,e and sadly we will probably be in them again,this is the sad side of the world we live in Today.
However these people will one day have to answer to the Almighty.

  watchful 19:27 07 Jul 2005

If it were only one death it would be despicable.

Sincere condolences to all those affected and gratitude for the prompt action of all the emergency services.

  esbe 19:38 07 Jul 2005

My wife works for the fire service, and despite all the training exercises for this sort of nightmare event, when it actually happens, it just goes to show how professional and efficient all the emergency services are,as watchful points out.

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