Even Jews have beards

  ronalddonald 11:01 27 Jun 2010

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so what the problem having a beard and a moustache, huh huh

  Cymro. 11:19 27 Jun 2010

Like most religions including Christianity they just can`t seem to agree about much of anything. This constant bickering amongst themselves only makes people like myself become even more convinced that we are right to be atheist.

  sunnystaines 11:39 27 Jun 2010

that is what makes a mockery of some religions they are full of daft rules.

  Kevscar1 11:48 27 Jun 2010

The Prophet Muhammad is believed to have had a beard and those who insist that devout Muslims grow beards argue that they are doing no more than asking the faithful to emulate the Prophet's actions.

Does tht mean that all Christains should get themselves nailed to a cross

  spuds 11:53 27 Jun 2010

Having beards or long hair or whatever makes you a true believer perhaps!.

Strange how all religions and perhaps non-religious people all have their own little quirks in life. The world wouldn't be the same without it ;o)

  Quickbeam 11:55 27 Jun 2010

And here was me thinking that the recent increase in the wearing of Jesus sandals was because of the heat wave...

  jakimo 11:58 27 Jun 2010

"Even Jews have beards"

what has that to do with devout muslims?

  sunnystaines 12:45 27 Jun 2010

there is the religion that requires its females to shave all body hair and wear a wig after getting married but its men have long beards with long curly peyos by the ears.

and not allowed to wear the colour red.

anyone else got some strange rules from religion.

like no meat on a friday but fish is ok.

  mr simon 12:56 27 Jun 2010

"anyone else got some strange rules from religion."

Deut. 23:1 - He that is wounded in the stones, or hath his privy member cut off, shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD.

  jakimo 13:18 27 Jun 2010

I was brought up as C of E,and we never ate meat on Friday, to this day I have no idea why.

Ive changed the fish day to Saturday,nothing to do with religion

  sunnystaines 13:45 27 Jun 2010

strange the link between christian nuns and extreme muslims they both cover themselves in similar clothing with just the face showing.

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