Even if you don't like Formula 1?

  Totally-braindead 11:02 08 Jul 2007

I was just wondering how many of you are going to watching this today, I think even those that are not F1 fans (I know many find it boring these days) might well tune in today to see if Lewis Hamilton can not only get another podium finish but win the British Grand Prix.
I wish him luck and I for one will be watching.

  crosstrainer 11:06 08 Jul 2007

I am not really a fan, bikes being my interest, although no longer ride...had all the classics years ago. However lewis is obviously a genius in a car, and I will be watching him today.

  realist 11:12 08 Jul 2007

"Le Tour de France" is coming through our town centre in Kent today so all eyes will be on that.

  crosstrainer 11:17 08 Jul 2007

By "bikes" I meant the kind with engines! I must admit, that competitive cycling leaves me cold, although I do ride a mountain bike.

  User-1159794 11:22 08 Jul 2007


  Legolas 13:20 08 Jul 2007

I,m not really into motor sports but I have just tuned in to see the start, Hamilton is leading.

  Forum Editor 13:34 08 Jul 2007

but my son is, and he offered me a corporate ticket to today's event. Like a fool I turned him down - at the timeI thought it would be wet and miserable. He's there, and enjoying it immensely I imagine.

I'm going to watch the tennis and sit by my pond with a laptop.

  Totally-braindead 14:36 08 Jul 2007

Sadly he was third.

  Stuartli 14:56 08 Jul 2007

Not sadly.

Remember this is a very young man in a hugely competitive sport and his calmness, temperament and immense ability is remarkable for one so young.

If he maintains the progress he has consistently shown whilst involved in motor sport over the years, he could become one of the very great F1 drivers given a top notch F1 car.

  crosstrainer 15:19 08 Jul 2007

In his rooky season...This well presented, level-headed young man has a rare talent, He will go far. Gracious and happy with his third place today.

  Totally-braindead 15:24 08 Jul 2007

I only said sadly as I hoped he would win. Winning a Grand Prix on your own soil must be a special experience. I was not trying to take away from his third place.
Lets face it. Nine races in F1, and nine podium finishes in his first nine F1 races. Now that is an amazing record.
He did well I just wanted him to win, as I'm sure he did.

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