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  x123 16:39 13 Jan 2016

Scottish friends have not commented on the fact that England and Wales can vote on matters that concern their country, just like the Scottish parliament can exclusively vote on their matters.

Was this a good point to start on

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  morddwyd 19:13 13 Jan 2016

Why should your Scottish friends comment on such matters?

Does it concern them?

  morddwyd 10:09 14 Jan 2016

Of far more interest to them should be the fact that council tax, for some, may be going up for the first time in eight years!

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  Govan1x 18:18 14 Jan 2016

With a bit of luck this subject might bring Spider9 back out of retirement it is not the same without him.

Like everyone else. If it has nothing to do with Scotland maybe they should not be turning up at all. Then of course just thought about it, They get paid for turning up, Wonder if they will stop that as well.

  john bunyan 15:33 15 Jan 2016

might bring Spider9 back out of retirement it is not the same without him.

I agree. Maybe he has retired "hurt" in view of the fact that the low oil price makes a nonsense of potential Scottish independence financial issues. Without Barnett they would be in a terrible situation.

  Govan1x 18:56 15 Jan 2016

Think you have cracked it JB the only way to get him back would be for him to reply to your post. And I bet if he is looking on he will be sorely tempted to do so.

I must admit it is a bit quiet without him.

I will not be available tonight so get in there and do your best.Have to go to the Airport to pick someone up.

  john bunyan 14:00 18 Jan 2016


A hearty welcome - you have been missed! Surely even you realise that the $30 a barrel oil price is a game changer?

Why does the SNP hesitate to put up Scottish Incme tax, as they could do if they wished. PS I am not a Tory party member but have little alternative in view of the Corbyn factor. Hope you were not badly affected by the floods.

  john bunyan 15:20 18 Jan 2016


John Swinney must be a good chap - his uncle was a Royal Marine VC winner!

The countries to which you allude have far higher income tax than us. As you know I hope we vote to stay in EU and that we remain a U K with more devolution.

  Flak999 16:01 18 Jan 2016

Good to see that spider has returned, I didn't think he would be able to stay away with all the juicy threads regarding the EU exit vote coming up!

  Flak999 17:29 18 Jan 2016

Will Scots still want independence following the collapse in the oil price? How will you all pay for your grandiose welfare benefits without oil revenues and the fiscal largesse showered upon you all from London?

I think it might be a case of turkeys voting for Christmas, if ever the independence question came to the vote again. You can't run a country on the revenue gained from the sales of Scotch whiskey and haggis you know!

You will all end up like this! ;-)

  Flak999 18:13 18 Jan 2016


Glad to have you back! It's been very boring without you. ;-)

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