gengiscant 14:43 20 Jul 2008

the thickness of a transverse section of the fruit between the lateral faces and the middle,perpendicular to the longitudinal axis must be at a minimum of 27mm.they must also be longer than 14cm's.
If Any of you have purchased bananas recently,are you legal.

  interzone55 14:50 20 Jul 2008

Sorry another euro myth perpetrated by the Tory press

click here

On the other hand, if you can produce the relevant EU statute I'll prepare to stand corrected...

  gengiscant 15:03 20 Jul 2008

Class 1 green asparagus must be green for at least 80% of its length.

A bunch of grapes must not weigh more than 1kg.

Carrots must be smooth and regular.If they are less than 20mm long,they must be called early carrots.

I was going to mention cucumbers,but I lost the will to live.

  interzone55 15:18 20 Jul 2008

Where are you getting this rubbish from?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:41 20 Jul 2008

It is astonishing how easily people get sucked into believing this rubbish.


  €dstowe 15:49 20 Jul 2008

Not all of these EU rules are true and those that do have some semblance to the truth are often exaggerated. A lot of the more bizarre restrictions in size and shaped are demanded by the supermarkets, not the EU.

The rules covering vegetables and salads do mean, though, that with living close to where lots of these items are grown, I can get them at a really low price. I bought 2Kg tomatoes yesterday @ 10p/Kg. Why were they that price? Well most too small to be sold as tomatoes, too big and the wrong breed to be sold as cherry tomatoes and a few were an odd shape. They were a "flavourful" type (not the wet toilet roll ones that are so common nowadays) and well worth the money. I also got a curly cucumber and several lettuces which had a few slug bites at the base. Didn't even spend £1.

  wee eddie 17:01 20 Jul 2008

I used to be a Buyer, for a small group of Restaurants, at Nine Elms.

The Grade may refer to the Size, Condition, Colour, Shape or possibly a number of other parameters.

As that particular job was over 30 years ago, I cannot remember any of them but I can vividly remember a very heated argument that I had about couple of cases of Pineapples that I had bought. The Boxes had a Grade printed on it and I had checked the central 4 fruit were of that Grade, the outer fruits were considerably smaller and over ripe. They were replaced, with good grace, after we had had a very traditional slanging match.

  Strawballs 18:02 20 Jul 2008

You mentioned most of these myths are spread by the Tory's, that reminds me of a news piece on the radio the other day when a Tory ex chancellor said that Labour had lost control of the economy, does he think that people have that short memories what about when they spent 18bn in 1 day (black wednesday) trying to prop up the pound in the ERM (that would by 3 new Aircraft Carriers with money to spare and would have something to show for it rather than lining the pockets of their friends with Tax payers money.

  interzone55 20:19 20 Jul 2008

Whilst I agree with your point about the ERM, I said Tory press (I actually meant the Mail, Express & Torygraph, but I didn't want to name them, some people get upset) not the Tories in general.

  laurie53 20:50 20 Jul 2008

I can only comment on asparagus.

Green asparagus seems to be a peculiarly British thing.

All the asparagus I have seen on the mainland is earthed up to prevent it turning green and harvested while still white. Most of it is only green at the tip.

  bluto1 21:06 20 Jul 2008

The trouble with all of these myths is that probably the odd million people believe them.

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