Eurovision worth watching again...

  [DELETED] 08:18 05 Dec 2008

Terry Wogan is stepping down as commentator on the Eurovision Song Contest after three decades.

Fellow Irishman Graham Norton will take over for the 2009 contest, which will be hosted in Moscow.

  [DELETED] 16:32 06 Dec 2008

we'd have more chance of winning if norton grew a pair of breasts and entered!!!!

  Legolas 16:46 06 Dec 2008

Stephen Fry is a genius and the more I listen to him the more I am impressed with him, but as you say he wouldn't touch the ESC with a bargepole.

  Forum Editor 18:36 06 Dec 2008

He's one of my favourite TV people, and I'm looking forward to his forthcoming documentary on disappearing species.

If you like him, you'll like this click here

  Brumas 22:49 06 Dec 2008

I neither like nor dislike the show but I must admit my wife does and, as we live in a bungalow without the benefit of two reception rooms, I find it is easier just to sit through it and read a good book - occasionally glancing up to cast my discerning eye over the plethora of beautiful, scantilly dressed females which generally adorn the stage.

A thought did occur to me, why not nominate the odious Jonathan Ross for the role at least that would galvanise me into seeking sanctuary in the study (my posh name for the second bedroom) and also show the aforementioned that 'all the world's a stage' and he is merely a very small part of it!

  LastChip 00:11 07 Dec 2008

I can't believe they still churn it out every year.

  laurie53 08:41 07 Dec 2008

"you don't have to be a member state of the EU to participate."

Or even a member state of Europe, as the Israelis can testify!

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