Europe's Great Open Borders Experiment

  Quickbeam 08:09 15 Sep 2015

is about to end in debacle.

Surely I wasn't the only one to see this coming?

1]: [click here

  spuds 11:02 15 Sep 2015

"Surely I wasn't the only one to see this coming?"

I am certain you wasn't, because alarm bells were ringing loud and clear from the very beginning.

There is no point in politicians telling the general public how they are going to provide millions of tax payers money in financial aid, and at the same time, totally ignore the root of the problem, and that is with the countries and the leadership, these people are fleeing from.

When this subject appears on a daily basis, I actually wonder how rich and more wealthy, some people are getting off the backs of the issues being discussed. Either by direct or indirect involvement?.

  Quickbeam 11:39 15 Sep 2015

This changing by the hour.

A Hungarian minister was on 5Live just now saying that as they can't pass on through to Austria anymore, they're going to send them back to the balkan states where they entered from, those countries are saying they won't let them cross back once they've left and are in turn closing their borders.

And in the meantime all the refugees/migrants with young children and pregnant mothers are about to become one huge piggy in the middle that will create a second humanitarian crisis in Eastern Europe that doesn't care much for anyone but themselves.

I think this is a mess created by Merkel in Germany in speaking from the heart without thinking from the head.

  kad292 22:49 15 Sep 2015

If Merkel is in the frame for using her 'heart' before her head then Hague is in the frame for his foriegn policy failure including supporting organisations which any ordinaty person found supporting would have been arrested.

  Al94 07:45 18 Sep 2015

This piece from Littlejohn re the immigrant crisis is well worthy of consideration as a reality check click here

  Matt. 09:23 18 Sep 2015

Since when have Richard Littlejohns articles been based on reality?

  Al94 09:38 18 Sep 2015

I am not a fan of the DM but Littlejohn's writings, in my opinion, are generally well informed and close to the mark. If you can demonstrate otherwise, please do do.

  john bunyan 10:51 18 Sep 2015

One's heart must go out to the desperate families, of course. The sheer potential numbers are the problem - it could be many millions, so there is no way all can be absorbed quickly, for political, economic, and security reasons. From my observation, there seems to be a preponderance of young, fit, men on the refugee groups. I wonder why NATO, somehow, cannot divert these into a "liberation" army, which, after training and with advisors, could go back an destroy ISIS and so reclaim that part of Syria, at least. The issue of Assad remains, but maybe they could go on to tackle him.

  OTT_B 13:12 18 Sep 2015

From Quickbeam's link:

"Police said 7,437 migrants had been recorded entering Hungary from Serbia by 3pm UK time on Monday, beating the previous day's record of 5,809"

This makes me wonder how bad the situation really is with the number of people trying to cross borders and 'get into the EU'.

So, 7437 people are queueing up to cross. Ok, but there were 7581 people sleeping rough in London alone last year (click here, there's a continuous flow of migrants in a way that there isn't of homeless in London, but nonetheless, given the size of the EU and its population (503,000,000), the issues that already exist with housing and, for example, homelessness, will it really do any harm to 'let people in'? Is it better to have a Europe wide co-ordinated plan to allow large scale resettlement (possibly only a few hundred thousand people), than it is to have individual countries making their own resettlement policies, which can only be in place to protect themselves? The impact, surely, just wouldn't be that great?


  OTT_B 13:13 18 Sep 2015

Got a word or two out of place there!

  Forum Editor 14:55 18 Sep 2015

"Surely I wasn't the only one to see this coming?"

I think we all saw it coming, but that doesn't mean that the concept of open borders in a union of States is necessarily a bad thing. The current set of circumstances is a special one, after all.

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