European Union = European Government?

  Fred Spoons EPNS 20:06 09 Mar 2011

I am curious about something.The other day I'm sure I half-heard a reference on the radio about the 'European Government' as opposed to the 'European Union'.I've tried to find out online more about this but have been unsuccessful,and it seems to have died a death.

If the EU is eventually going to become the EG,is it reasonable to suppose all member states will eventually be classified under the 'United States of Europe' banner? If so,then would each member simply be a State within that Union much like the 50 states of America making up the United States of America?

Is it really possible that those who voted for the then EEC nearly forty years ago actually were unbeknowingly voting for a single European Government within a fifty year time-span with a single currency, single European defence force etc?

Did I really hear someone on the radio the other day actually slip up and say 'European Government' instead of 'European Union'? I surely can't have been the only one to have heard this on the radio? Or was I?

I'm very curious now.

  VCR97 20:29 09 Mar 2011

I heard that on Radio 4. "Today", I think. I assumed that it was a slip of the tongue.

  Fred Spoons EPNS 20:33 09 Mar 2011

So thats where I heard it on BBC Radio 4s 'Today' programme. I thought I was hearing things when this was said. I'm glad someone else has heard it as well. Thank you VCR97.

  morddwyd 21:09 09 Mar 2011

I don't know what planet you have been on, but Europe is governed by the European Parliament which sits in Strasbourg and Brussels.

We may not like it, we may not even admit it, but it's a fact.

  Aitchbee 22:58 09 Mar 2011

All the podcasts and repeats of 'live' R4 programs are edited so that all faux-pas do not appear after the live broadcast.

  Quickbeam 06:30 10 Mar 2011

The great European dream that we all entered into many years ago has become something that wasn't envisaged by most of us that were told how much we would benefit in years to come.

I'm not generally one for using the even greater benefit of hindsight in an argument, but if we went back several decades now, we'd be telling Heath where to stick his great European dreams. They would be proven to be as much a smoke and mirrors trick as Fred's apparent love of EPNS spoons.

  Quickbeam 08:55 10 Mar 2011

It's the hindsight ticket that I mentioned, albeit an imaginary mode of transport.

However, Are you telling me that if 40 years ago we had been able to foresee the the gradual leaching away of sovereignty, and imposition unpopular central control and the huge financial running costs of the EU spiralling beyond belief,

  Quickbeam 08:56 10 Mar 2011

... we'd have willingly joined?

I pressed post too early.

  Fred Spoons EPNS 09:18 10 Mar 2011

Under Camerons watch, EuroTrashZone is exempt from the UK austerity measures. Its a shame Heath didn't fall overboard from his 'Morning Cloud' yacht and drown prior to the early 1970s referendum taking place. Perhaps things might have been different.

Can you imagine what we could've done within the UK with what must be getting for a trillion pounds squandered in the E.U.? Mind you,can you imagine what we could also have done with the oil and gas revenues within the UK?

I totall agree with quickbeam.I also like (ahem) EPNS knives and forks as well!

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