European Union business grant Money Farce!

  Uboat 11:03 08 Jun 2010

As some of you may know I have been looking for financial support for my business, Myself & my wife have looked everywhere for some support BUT found nothing? it's a Ecommerce business & we have a fantastic website built BUT can't buy stock cause we can't get funding.?
My wife has just called me about 5 mins ago & she has just finished a business meeting with a government run business help scheme, They informed her there is "NO" funding available THIS YEAR because the "European Union" have taken majority of the money for the grants & directed it to Poland to help them.? I'm furious! WHY is this money not getting invested right HERE!...

  eikonuj 11:40 08 Jun 2010

Probably because we don't shout loud enough and blithely accept whatever the EU says.
Time to get out and support ourselves, the inhabitants of these islands, first.
But we won't - we'll just roll over and take it or rather - give it!
As Major Grytte-Pipe Thynne said - open your wallet and repeat after yourself.

  spuds 12:37 08 Jun 2010

Why not take the matter up with your local Member of Parliament or MEP, and see if they have the answers to all of your questions?.

  Uboat 12:55 08 Jun 2010

spuds! the local MP is John Prescott Ahum! moving swiftly on...

fourm member yes i agree a lot of passing the buck! & yes too much money been spent on Afghanistan

  sunnystaines 14:29 08 Jun 2010

with so many poles working over here we should qualify for a large part of polands grant.

  morddwyd 20:12 08 Jun 2010

"too much money been spent on Afghanistan"

Yes, too much being spent on military funerals.

  zzzz999 20:05 09 Jun 2010

I'm sorry but that answer your wife got is utter garbage. The EU don't provide the cash for the UK's small business grants, that comes from the UK. The EU sets the framework for member states to provide grants. Your problem is you are looking for money for stock, very few if any Government grant schemes will support that; you may be able to access a Small Firms Loan Guarantee Scheme loan via your local bank but I wouldn't hold your breath.

One option might be to approach your local authority for a small business loan or grant. Good luck.

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