European Lottery

  amonra 14:08 27 Jan 2006

I have just bought my first ticket for this megabucks draw tonight and I am certain to win !
My question is, what do you readers recommend I do with all that filthy lucre ???
NO begging letters please.

  Monument 14:20 27 Jan 2006

These huge jackpots always seem to be won by an individual who lives alone and on winning buys themselves a new Ford Fiesta, a nice winter coat and says it will not change their lives.....which it doesn't.

Unless you fit this profile you won't win and if you do then I suggest you get out more ;o)

  Forum Editor 14:35 27 Jan 2006

and buy a small Caribbean island. Nothing beats relaxing on your own beach after a month or so of our winter weather.

Oooh, Lobsters for lunch, just the job!

  Chegs ®™ 14:47 27 Jan 2006

Or do as I did,saved my money I would have spent on lottery tickets until I had enough to buy a pint. ;-))

  De Marcus™ 15:04 27 Jan 2006

I spent my money on:

2 Ferrari's, 4 TVR's, crushing machine for my Mercedes, 2 mansions, plastic wife, cruise liner, helicopter, private jet, other wife on the caribbean island i own and it hasn't changed me a bit, I still drink John Smith's, albeit from a golden goblet laiden with diamonds. :0)

  ayrmail 19:27 27 Jan 2006

You could buy a MAC

  powerless 21:05 27 Jan 2006

or even a Mac ;-)

I'd give it to charity....some of it.

  Bingalau 21:09 27 Jan 2006

You have got more chance of winning than me because I forgot all about buying a ticket. Mind you I forget every week, I think it's some sort of old age thing. Never mind, at least I will not be losing my pound coin. May I (Pretty Please) be the first to get my request in for a handout to anyone who wins that large sum of spondulicks tonight... You can contact me in total privacy through the Forum Editor. Mind you he will want a percentage too I imagine. Bingalau...

  spuds 23:04 27 Jan 2006

The last person who won the megabucks European Lottery, now wished the had not. Or at least, that's what the papers say.

  PsiFox 00:02 28 Jan 2006

Lobster for lunch again.........

With all that money FE I respectfully suggest you change the menu a little more often.

PsiFox - on a lifetime round the world cruise on my own private liner(plenty of room for a few friends.

now where did I leave my concorde this week!!!!!!!!!

  SG Atlantis® 10:31 28 Jan 2006

click here

well it rolls on...

spuds, well if the previous winner wants to get rid of the dosh I'll happily relieve them of it!

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