Euro Millions 166M

  Blackhat 18:03 12 Jul 2011

This is as usual causing a massive increase in ticket sale. For example, I was in a business meeting today at 11:30am and all ten present had already got their usual tickets and some extra lucky dips.

There is no more chance of winning whatever the prize fund. What on earth would you want 166M for? That sort of money will invite people into your world that you don’t want. The perfect win for me would be 3-5M, pay out a few gifts to family and friends then retire in comfort.

If you end up having to deal with 166M you need advisors etc and whatever you did with the money would bring something extra into your life to worry about!

Even giving away a large proportion would cause headaches, who, how much, family, charity?

Just let me have 5M and that will do nicely.

  daz60 08:21 13 Jul 2011

I write this whilst still 'asleep' and i congratulate and fervently applaud your investing in my gargantuan success.I wish you all well for the next draw,please do not make a noise as you leave as i do not wish to be woken.!!?

  Chegs ®™ 09:04 13 Jul 2011

I have a friend who regularly wins small amounts,his biggest win to date was just over £1000.I asked him to pick my numbers once & won nothing,I tried choosing my own and won nothing.Despite being told "You have to be in it to win it" many times,I dont/wont buy another ticket,though I still choose numbers & see if they win.Before you all ask,even this way I cannot get even one number.I am not unlucky though,over the years I have won many things from raffles ranging from a tray of meat to a case of beer(last win)just never the main prize.If I were to buy a ticket and won a huge sum,I would buy a house and car(nothing flash)and a yacht and spend my time learning to sail so I could visit my Mother in Spain.I would decline publicity therefore avoiding the begging letters and continue living my reclusive life content in the knowledge that if I needed money for something,I could buy it.Once I'd lived my life,I would provide for my family & leave the rest to charity.

  hssutton 09:57 13 Jul 2011

The FE is quiet this morning, could he be off to his tropical island retreat? :)

  Quickbeam 10:15 13 Jul 2011

It looks like happiness can be bought then...

  nangadef 13:03 13 Jul 2011

As Covergirl said, I woiuld want to see the family OK first; but would they have to pay tax on the gift?

  natdoor 15:52 13 Jul 2011

Not if it is documented and you live for seven years.

  wids001 15:55 13 Jul 2011

I think we've won it. Well the wife anyway! She was gone before I got up this morning (unusual)so I thought I'd check her ticket but it had also gone (even more unusual). And I'm thinking she stayed up late last night as well!

Strange to say the least. She always keeps the lottery tickets in the case and takes them round the newsagents on Sundays to check and claim any winnings.

Now I am starting to wonder if she's coming back ........

  Forum Editor 18:49 12 Jul 2011


I shall reflect on your wise words whilst relaxing on the beach of my tropical island retreat, waiting for my personal assistant to come and tell me that my lobster lunch is ready.

I might even consider sending you five million, just for the sound advice you offered me before my windfall.

  Blackhat 18:57 12 Jul 2011

Thanks FE, that has sorted out where about 150M of my big win will go if I get it. Just invite me now and then for a holiday on your island.

There have been numerous documentaries regarding people with a lot to spend and have bought tropical islands, all have been disaster stories.

It isn’t as easy as you think even with real big money.

Lets just dream for now, I assume you have a ticket for tonight?

  zzzz999 19:07 12 Jul 2011

You could buy News International; what would you spend the other £165 million on though?

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