EURO Footie, not much interest on this forum ?

  Bingalau 16:17 17 Jun 2012

I suppose most of us think England haven't got an earthly chance against teams such as Germany and Spain. That's my opinion anyway. They might as well pack up and come home now and save the fanatical fans a few bob.

Then again it is only an excuse to go on a boozy trip for most of the so called fans.

I shall of course be watching at home with my "Dark and Stormy" in my hand. hoping that perhaps they will all click together, play a decent type of football and maybe win a few of the games they do play in.

The women seem to play better than the men in their European game.

  woody 16:40 17 Jun 2012

I never understand why so many men have to fight over one ball - why not give them a ball each?

A more interesting post would be - what true sport is there left? Even when found to have cheated with drugs etc no one seems to care.

  wiz-king 18:36 17 Jun 2012

There have been a few postings but the management removed them. grin

  Condom 18:48 17 Jun 2012

On the other hand not everyone in England is an English supporter. Her indoors Supports Eire (poor soul) and for myself I basically don't care one way or the other as my team ain't there.

I do like football and all I really want is to see some good games, something which is really in short supply at the moment. These tournaments seem to only come alive at the knock out stages which surely must tell the organisers something. Get the teams together and go straight into a proper Cup competition and forget about the league bit would in my mind make this a much better event. I have strips for all 4 teams tonight but I'm unsure which one to wear but perhaps I might put on my orange one.

  birdface 19:04 17 Jun 2012

EURO Footie, not much interest on this forum.

I wish I could comment on the football but I keep falling asleep and miss any goals.If anyone asked me if it was a good game or not I would not be able to tell them.

Managed to stay awake for the 2nd half of the England game.And as usual England score and sit back and try and hold there lead and it cost them 2 quick goals.

Someone once said the best form of defence was attack and I think England should do that.

With a leaky defence I think their only option is attack and score more than they concede.

I don't know how they got the 2nd goal I thought that it must have swerved a lot to beat the Goalkeeper but watching a replay from behind the goals the ball seemed to go straight so should have been a fairly straightforward save by the Goalkeeper.

  interzone55 19:08 17 Jun 2012

I'm watching the Ladies football on BBC 2 - England v Netherlands, I think it's a more interesting game than the usual men's football, but garners little interest in the media.

  Aitchbee 19:36 17 Jun 2012

Six teams, out of my original ten picks for outright winners are still 'in with a chance'...Holland must win have any chance of going through to the quarter-finals.

  Aitchbee 20:59 17 Jun 2012

Tonight, during half-time's interlude, ITV's Adrian Chiles commented on a man munching on a large hot-dog shaped filled-roll with a ferret on a leash " ...I hope it (the ferret) doesn't disappear up his trouser-leg...".

  daz60 07:09 18 Jun 2012

I have lost interest in football due,in my opinion,to the corrupt practices ,FA and FIFA,as well as the greed.I may watch the final whilst on holiday but as yet i have only restricted myself to goal highlights watched on computer,no tv.

  Quickbeam 08:07 18 Jun 2012

After the World Cup farce everyone seems to be expecting them to fail miserably again. Pubs aren't half as full as would normally be expected when England play and there is a general feeling of 'you prove yourselves worthy first this time'.

I'm non too bothered as footie isn't my game, it comes behind RU, cricket RL and even international tiddlywinks this time...

  interzone55 09:39 18 Jun 2012

I think things may pick up with Rooney back in the side tomorrow night.

Hodgson may live to regret picking John Terry, he's been useless so far...

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