Euro Elections

  laurie53 16:37 29 May 2009

The Euro-elections are next week, June 4th, for those who may be unaware.

Being disabled we have postal votes, which will need to be off this weekend.

So far, out of the 13 candidates on the ballot paper, only one (the Lib Dem) has even bothered to put a leaflet through the door, let alone do anything more personal.

Now if they can't be bothered to show an interest, why should I?

  Bingalau 16:43 29 May 2009

They probably have their snouts further in to the trough than the lot at Westminster.. (Pity we can't just vote to have them removed, as easy as we can vote them in.)

  Armchair 16:48 29 May 2009

I'll be going to the polling station on Thursday, but I have no idea who the candidates are. Like I mentioned in another topic, the only leaflet I've had (which I binned) was from the BNP.

  rawprawn 17:35 29 May 2009

We haven't had aleaflet at all from Lib Dems, but one each from Labour and Conservatives.
At the moment I am at a loss to WANT to vote for any, however I think Nick clegg is talking most sense.
We too have a postal vote because when I was in business I was out of the country a lot. I have already posted it off, although sadly I have little faith in any party at the moment.

  Quickbeam 18:01 29 May 2009

Until now I was the one that hadn't given anyone a positive vote since the '97 Labour landslide.

Remember that one? The election to better all previous governments. The election to put an end to all sleaze. The election to bring permanent financial stability. The election that wouldn't increase the tax burden. The election that would give respect to the electorate. The election to... fill in the blanks as appropriate.

The next two major elections will be remembered as the payback elections... power back to the people. Potential MEPs & MPs grovelling on bended knees vying for our favour and promising us the Earth and eventually delivering for once (I hope) God help any future public servants that fail after the current unveiling of trust to date. They won't be believed (not that I do now anyway) anymore if they dare to say 'I thought', I believed', 'didn't it mean...'

  spuds 18:38 29 May 2009

It would appear that a large number of people haven't received much (if any) literature from the political parties.No different to other election times perhaps!.

But I have noticed that our local polling station as a rather large list displayed outside the premises as to who the prospective candidates are. What I have noticed, is that the large majority of candidates do not even live in our city or county, so its a possible low vote count again.

One particular chap who is already our local MEP, and doing a very good job (according to the literature) is applying for re-election. Funny thing is that most people in our area didn't realise that he was our local MEP, because since coming in office, very little as been heard from him.

  AL47 18:54 29 May 2009

actually ive/weve ad a conservative, ukip, bnp, ukf, lib dem, greens, and maybe labour, [that one probs went in bin]

i dunno if i should vote really, i dont really understand if eu membership is positive or nrgative overall

wont vote liberal, and ever labour but i dunno bout thers

  bluto1 19:13 29 May 2009

We've had Con and BNP and as has been mentioned we haven't a clue who the the candidates are.

  Armchair 09:12 30 May 2009

Got a Lib. Dem. leaflet this morning.

Quote, "Labour's recession has made people across Britain worse off."

It's a global recession, though, right? Not caused by any single nation or political party.

Quote, "I want to make sure that criminals have nowhere to hide."

Starting with MPs, I hope.

Apparently, there are twelve candidates to choose from, some of them are from the same party. I'll just 'wing it', lol, and vote for whoever's name I like the sound of.

  Forum Editor 09:55 30 May 2009

why should I?"

Because they'll be representing you in Europe, and if you don't show an interest there'll not be much point in complaining when European parliament decisions affect us here.

  Forum Editor 09:57 30 May 2009

The truth is, there would have been a recession, regardless of which party was in power, and all political leaders (and anyone else who understands a little about what happened) know it.

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