interzone55 21:00 30 Mar 2007

End User Licence Agreements...

Do you read them?

I know you should always read these, because they might contain a clause 3/4 of the way through that means you've agreed to let Brangelina adopt your first born, but they are so long.

Today I installed Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise, and just as an experiment copied the text into open office and did a word count, 10,763 words.

Now why on earth does it need to be that long?

Surely they could say - don't copy this software, or decompile or otherwise reverse engineer it, or you'll go straight to hell - in less that 10,000 words.

  €dstowe 22:08 30 Mar 2007

EULAlyzer takes the pain out of reading these agreements. From the creators of SpywareBlaster and SpywareGuard click here

  Z1100 23:07 30 Mar 2007

EULAlyzer 1.2s EULA before you install it!


  rodriguez 03:03 31 Mar 2007

Nope - just press I Agree and let it get on with it...

  bennyhillslovechild 04:20 31 Mar 2007

I don't often read them anyway, but what can you do about them if you do? Say I go out, make a purchase of some software, unpack it, put cd/dvd in pc and let autoplay work it's magic. Up pops the EULA. I read it. Decide that I don't actually agree with it, and choose not to install product. What comeback do you have? Not many shops will accept a non-faulty opened box return of software. How do they know I haven't just installed or copied it? You'd just end up out of pocket.

  Simsy 19:21 31 Mar 2007

You say; "copied the text into open office and did a word count"...

Why not do the count in Word?

Am I missing something?



  Simsy 19:23 31 Mar 2007

I've realised why!

At the point of reading the EULA you haven't yet got "Word" working.




  interzone55 22:30 31 Mar 2007

Actually I did already have Word from Office 2003, but didn't want to launch it as it was about to be upgraded, you never know how things will get mixed up during an installation.

It's unfortunate that I need to install MS Office, I'd love to get rid of it, but seeing as it's new file format is not compatible with any other suite, and we use it at work I have to have it on my home machine as well.

As an indicator of it's bloat, The MS Office folder is 582mb (without installing Outlook) and the OpenOffice folder is 284mb

  ashdav 01:48 01 Apr 2007

Isn't OpenOffice compatible with Word these days ?

  interzone55 15:34 01 Apr 2007

The new Office 2007 docx format can only be read by Office 2007 or Office 2003 after a patch has been applied.

Even better is the fact that the file format was changed during beta testing, so the documents I created with Beta 2 do not look right.

Yes, if I stick to using the old doc and xls formats everything is hunky dory (mostly) but there are advantages with the new formats (smaller filesize being one)

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