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EU Settlement Scheme - settled status

  qwbos 00:46 01 Feb 2020

Having a read through this, under "Proof of continuous residence", there's "You can give your National Insurance number to allow an automated check of your residence based on tax and certain benefit records."

Wouldn't it be nice if those who have come to the UK to live on benefits higher than those in their own country, were directed to the nearest exit? In some cases, benefits are claimed and paid for family members who aren't in the UK,

And under "If you have criminal convictions", "You’ll still be eligible for settled or pre-settled status if you’ve only been convicted of a minor crime. You may still get settled or pre-settled status even if you have other convictions. This will be decided on a case-by-case basis."

What about repeat minor crime offenders? I'm sure many areas would be glad to see the back of the shoplifting gangs and various other categories of habitual offenders.

Seems like a good opportunity to purge the UK of EU criminals may be missed.

  Quickbeam 06:39 01 Feb 2020

Heil qwbos!

That's a slippery slope of populist crowd whirring.

  Quickbeam 06:39 01 Feb 2020

...or even whipping.

  Forum Editor 11:35 01 Feb 2020

"Seems like a good opportunity to purge the UK of EU criminals may be missed."

A friend of mine in France tells me that the EU would love to have a way of purging itself of UK criminals.

No country stands the remotest chance of completely purging itself of criminals, no matter where they come from.

  alanrwood 11:41 01 Feb 2020

I would think Spain would like to get rid of some high profile UK criminals too.

  qwbos 13:35 01 Feb 2020


As a pragmatist, it seems the logical thing to do, though doubtless, the liberals would say they should all be welcomed whether criminals or not, until, that is, they have their car nicked, or their rail journey interrupted because the signal or power cables have been nicked.

Plenty police programmes on the box that seem to indicate many areas of crime are now dominated by Eastern European gangs, so why not get rid of them?

FE & alanrwood

Exactly. What sane country wouldn't? And I'm sure steps will be taken to have a further look at UK nationals living within the EU. I wonder which way the "trade balance" will go?

  Dunk 14:29 01 Feb 2020


I like your thinking about car thieves and the like - if we are going to get rid of car gangs could we not just include our OWN criminals and deport them to somewhere else as well.

It used to be Australia, so I'm sure they would be happy to co-operate, once again!!


"heil, qwbos"

Definitely 'quote of the day'.

  Teabag. 15:26 01 Feb 2020

qwbos reminds me of the open university program in which Ed Balls meets Frank Magnitz from the german AFD.


  qwbos 01:16 02 Feb 2020


Absolutely no similarity at all.

According to Balls, Magnitz' poster appears to be suggesting removing a specific number of migrants. He then qualifies that to infer removing a specific number of unqualified/unwanted migrants.

Once you get into the territory of segregating migrants by qualification, and accepting only those whose qualifications you want, that's broadly in line with what numerous countries around the world already do.

However, I've not even suggested anything remotely resembling that. I'll precis what I said to make it easier for you, and include a couple of examples of those I believe it reasonable to send back to their country of origin.

  1. Remove benefit tourists - I saw a documentary about an Bulagiarn who was claiming benefits for his family who weren't even in the UK, using the money to build himself a house back home in Bulgaria. His sole purpose in coming to the UK was to claim benefits which are far higher than in Bulgaria.

  2. Remove crime tourists - There was a rape case not too far away from where I live a few months back. The 20 year old Romanian rapist arrived with his wife and child in the UK in June 2019, and committed the offence in July 2019. He already had a record of offences in France. He's now in jail , and his wife and child will be housed and fed by the UK taxpayer.

What you also have to bear in mind is that the vast majority of honest law abiding EU migrants would be delighted to see their dodgy countrymen ejected, as they frequently and up being tarred with the same brush.

  Quickbeam 08:24 02 Feb 2020

"...unqualified/unwanted migrants."

If they're employed, then someone wants them...

  Dunk 08:39 02 Feb 2020


If a qualified worker comes here, with a family, but later commits a crime, does his family get deported/lose all benefits etc?

We've all seen 'documentaries' -and they can be very selective - I would need actual evidence that the migrant 'problem' is as bad as you seem to imply. Is Farage your mentor?

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