EU referendum may confuse voters 'not aware country is part of union'

  hssutton 22:46 29 Oct 2013

I keep on reading about our failed/failing education system and that the younger generation are only interested in celebs, but is it possible that some voters are not aware that we are members of the EU? Or could this be a ploy to destroy the 'bill' ensuring a referendum

voters unaware

  lotvic 23:07 29 Oct 2013

I agree with the commission that the question could be better worded.

“Do you think that the United Kingdom should be a member of the European Union?”

I would replace 'be' with 'remain' (or even re-work the whole sentence).

  fourm member 08:10 30 Oct 2013

I'm sure there are people who think we are in the Common Market and not the European Union. Others will think EU stands for Euro-union.

  cream. 15:00 30 Oct 2013

It's like what the politicians think.

We are to thick to understand this common euro union malarkey.

  Quickbeam 15:46 30 Oct 2013

When did we leave the common market...?

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:06 30 Oct 2013

So the Electoral Commission assumes we are thick, just like the Tory party and most producers of television programmes.

  sunnystaines 17:59 30 Oct 2013


your spot on most kids and under 35's have been dumbed down at school and in the media and are lost on whats in the news on world affairs and politics. its all celeb news and soap sagas they are interested in.

what annoys me is when these people vote its not on what the policy of the party is but the celeb status of the leader from the media.

I can see why so many employers here go for good english speaking poles rather that home educated youngsters.

  chub_tor 18:04 30 Oct 2013

If the question was "Do you think that the United Kingdom should leave the European Union?" then there would be no doubt that we were in it. (and up to our necks I may add)

  sunnystaines 18:41 30 Oct 2013


My english grammer is poor accepted. I feel I am more aware of world affairs etc than young people i meet these days.

Not all are dumbed down but there sure is a lot of them.

  fourm member 18:46 30 Oct 2013

I don't know if lotvic is pro-EU and chub_tor anti but that is the implication of their preferred questions.

'Remain' and 'leave' are leading words. The former would be more likely to see a vote to stay in.

It has nothing to do with the Electoral Commission assuming 'we' are thick. It doesn't have to assume because there is a wealth of evidence to show that one word changes in a question change the response. If that makes 'us' thick then that is what we are.

  chub_tor 19:14 30 Oct 2013

My stab as to how the referendum question should be posed was merely to clarify the point made in the Telegraph article where it was stated - “A few people did not know whether or not the UK is currently a member of the EU, and this presented a risk of misunderstanding,” the commission found. At least if it was worded that way there would be no misunderstanding that the UK is currently a member of the EU.

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