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EU referendum day one etc

  awest3 13:00 04 Feb 2016

Can anyone tell me what happens the day after we vote to leave the EU? Do we have prevarication and 2 years of de-tangling, whilst another referendum is arranged to get the result they want? Are all EU citizens required to make their way to their original country of origin? Are all laws imposed on the UK by the EU null and void? I could go on but you get my gist. No-one seems to know what the steps are once we've decided to leave. This is just an assumption about leaving the EU but I'd like to know that the Govt are at least planning for it.

  Flak999 15:38 08 Feb 2016


'Project Fear' got the result it worked for last time round!!

Your right it did, and as has been stated before the vast majority of voters that don't have a particular leaning one way or the other will probably vote for the status quo.

It's the easy thing to do, no thought is required. And yet, I still dare to believe that the out campaign could pull the rabbit out of the hat. Once winter is over and the calmer spring weather is here, the migrant tide will rise inexorably once again.

I hope there will be plenty more coverage of the third world flotsam heading for Europe's shores. I believe this will sharpen the mind of the undecided and lead them to put an X in the box marked leave!

One can but hope!

  bremner 18:41 08 Feb 2016


That is a diabolical thing to say about people including hundreds of children who have died fleeing war.

  Flak999 19:33 08 Feb 2016


"That is a diabolical thing to say about people including hundreds of children who have died fleeing war."

Yes, your right! On reflection my choice of words was insensitive. I apologise, and withdraw the term unreservedly.

  Govan1x 10:03 09 Feb 2016

(And so, the new 'project fear' begins!)

Just wonder if this is just an extension of Tony Blair's Weapons of mass destruction announcement which had the same effect.

I presume that was the start of the fear tactics which look like it is norm now.

I also get t a bit annoyed when you hear the like of the SNP & Labour party say they want to stay part of Europe.

The have both 1 leader who seems to speak for the rest of their voters But have not actually asked them what they want.

I can assure you none of them speak for me. At least have the decency to ask us.

labour lost the last election because of this will they never learn.

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