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EU referendum day one etc

  awest3 13:00 04 Feb 2016

Can anyone tell me what happens the day after we vote to leave the EU? Do we have prevarication and 2 years of de-tangling, whilst another referendum is arranged to get the result they want? Are all EU citizens required to make their way to their original country of origin? Are all laws imposed on the UK by the EU null and void? I could go on but you get my gist. No-one seems to know what the steps are once we've decided to leave. This is just an assumption about leaving the EU but I'd like to know that the Govt are at least planning for it.

  Teabag. 15:39 04 Feb 2016

Can anyone tell me what happens the day after we vote to leave the EU?


Will be peed out of his head, celebrating.

  awest3 15:40 04 Feb 2016

nice one....

  Flak999 16:10 04 Feb 2016


If that wondrous day should ever dawn, I shall certainly raise a glass or two! ;-)

  oresome 16:15 04 Feb 2016

There's probably more planning going on as to how to change the electorates mind in a second election should they vote the 'wrong' way first time round.

  awest3 16:56 04 Feb 2016

I seem to remember Denmark saying no to the Maastricht treaty in 1992, after a few minor concessions they had another vote in 1993 which passed. We'll probably be the same...keep holding referendums until they get what they want...

  awest3 17:23 04 Feb 2016

Been doing a bit more reading on this. It appears that there is up to a 2 year wait after deciding to leave. This is to sort out agreements etc. Plenty of time to arrange and hold another referendum! If the Labour party should (heaven help us) win the next election they would simply revoke (can they?) the result of the referendum as they want to stay in the EU anyway. It also gets complicated when, should we leave, a trading agreement with the EU would almost certainly require that we continue to allow workers from the EU to migrate here! I continue to delve.

  awest3 17:33 04 Feb 2016

A bit more, Mr Cameron, in a show of 'Look what concessions I've won' banter in PM's questions time yesterday, stated that child benefit (to be sent to another EU country) would be paid at 'only' the rate at which it is paid in that other EU country. However in some countries the rate is higher that that paid in the UK so more money, not less could be sent to that EU country. The mind boggles!

  Forum Editor 19:13 04 Feb 2016

Why don't we just wait until last the result of the referendum is known?

  john bunyan 20:14 04 Feb 2016

Forum Editor

Surely to avoid discussion on this matter, which is probably the most important decision the country will take in a generation or two, with enormous repercussions either way, would be a bit strange?

  awest3 12:20 05 Feb 2016

Although some of Mr Cameron's requirements have been watered down to a large extent it's not to say that he won't win other concessions during debate, unlikely admitted but it could happen. Many people in the UK may just vote OUT over the migrant issue but this would be glossing over the many difficulties that leaving the EU would create, I've mentioned a couple above. The 'ignore it until it happens' attitude is quite alarming. I need only quote ignoring Hitler's advance into other countries and the creation of a vacuum in Iraq when Gaddafi was thrown out and no planning had been done into who would govern once he'd been overthrown. OK a bit OTT but understanding the issues and possible/likely outcomes of an out vote needs to be thought through now and presented to the population so they have at least a degree of knowledge upon which to base their decision. interesting times ahead. I'll do a bit more digging but information on the original question of 'What happens on day 1 after an out vote' is quite scarce.

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