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EU... In Out & Shake It All About

  Quickbeam 08:31 20 Feb 2016

Apparently we're going to be voting within months and the starters orders are almost on us.

  Quickbeam 18:10 26 Feb 2016

And more cuts are being predicted by the Chancellor today.

  LastChip 14:13 27 Feb 2016

Another MP claims the agreement reached is not bullet proof.

Gisela Stuart on Daily Politics, one of only a handful of Labour MP's not towing the party line, who is/was a lawyer and taught EU law, says the agreement could be changed. And in fact, Denmark have a similar agreement which has now been overruled 80 times.

Until it is passed into the EU treaty, which won't (apparently happen this decade), it is only at best an advisory as far as the European Court of Justice is concerned.

You can find the interview here. Please click on "Live Coverage" and then Catch Up - Daily Politics. If you want to quickly get to the part, it's about 21 mins 30 secs into the full program.

David Cameron has been caught before not telling the whole truth and this is now seemingly a repeat episode, as to claim it is a legally binding document, is a serious stretch of the truth. If we can't believe him on that, then one must question the whole document.

Those that still believe the EU is the best thing since sliced bread, be very careful what you think your getting. It could be the best part of nothing and the truth is, even as it was presented, was very little.

Don't let the dynamic duo (Cameron and Osborne) frighten you into a decision you may regret. Because right now, that's exactly what they're doing. Trying to use fear to sway the vote.

  mbc 16:37 02 Mar 2016

First opinion poll I have seen (Bullion By Post) 76% voted to leave EU. For what it's worth!

  roy170 19:18 07 Mar 2016

I bet Cameron had wished he had kept his mouth shut while campaigning at the last election. This referendum has the capability to split the conservative party right down the middle. It could do the same sort of damage that Clegg inflicted on the liberal Democrats after he opened his mouth because he thought he had no chance of power.

  Quickbeam 10:39 08 Mar 2016

I'm one of the sceptical 2/3, but will vote to retain the right to complain and whinge about the EU from within for many more years...

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