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EU... In Out & Shake It All About

  Quickbeam 08:31 20 Feb 2016

Apparently we're going to be voting within months and the starters orders are almost on us.

  Quickbeam 08:33 20 Feb 2016

And I've rewound myself back to an open undecided mind. From now on I listen to the credible debate. If we get any.

  morddwyd 08:36 20 Feb 2016

After all the hype, just a Cameron fudge.

Love her or hate her, Margaret knew how yo get a decent rebate!

  john bunyan 09:05 20 Feb 2016

I think Cameron did as well as was possible. The result is, I think, that the sceptics and instinctive "stayers" will not have changed their minds, and the referendum will be a close call, perhaps with the "oldies" more for leaving and the young more for staying.

  BT 09:13 20 Feb 2016

Lets hope the turnout will be high otherwise we will have a decision based on a minority of the people in the country whichever way it goes. On recent General election turnouts 51% either way would represent around 30/35% of the population having the final say.

  RV510 09:59 20 Feb 2016

I believe that we will be neither better or worse off whichever way the vote goes, Thatcher certainly didn't know how to get a decent rebate as she promised the EU that the UK would not claim back anywhere near what was being contributed, we only get back a proportion of what we pay in. If we vote out we may be better off in terms of not making as much, if any, financial contributions to the EU and having to give immigrants benefits hand-outs but on the other hand it could seriously damage our economy with respect to export to EU countries. It's far more complicated but there are pretty much equal argument for and against staying in so I would not be surprised if the vote will be very close. If we stay in the biggest thing we must do is to retain the Pound and not join the Euro, that would be financially fatal.

  HondaMan 10:34 20 Feb 2016

Out, Out, Out. We are an island, pull up the draw bridge, blow up the tunnel and sail away. We can do without the EU and its bureaucracy, its highly inflated opinion of its own importance and rules made without reference to anyone

  Quickbeam 10:40 20 Feb 2016

Well I suppose that must be the Little Britain argument!

  john bunyan 10:43 20 Feb 2016

Out, Out, Out. We are an island, pull up the draw bridge, blow up the tunnel and sail away

Are you being serious, or was that irony?

This decision deserves a lot of thought and both sides have powerful points to make.

  mbc 11:45 20 Feb 2016

In the Nigel Farage thread last year, I mentioned that I was, in a small way, familiar with some of the workings of the EU, as part of my duties in my employment with a LA was as European Officer. This unfortunate experience turned me against the EU for life. I was poo-poo'd by a certain member as trying to put myself above others, which was definitely not the case, I was merely expressing that my opinion was affected by my experience. This has not changed. Out, I say.

  Govan1x 12:00 20 Feb 2016

I noticed one of the deals will only last for 7 years and after that it goes back to what it is now and cannot be changed again.

I think David Cameron was in a strong position to get what he wanted but has settled for 2nd best. Only time will tell and the next few weeks will be interesting just to see how many of his MP.s will vote against it.

It will be interesting to see what labour and the SNP think about it. I know the leadership of the SNP wants us to stay and a fair share of Labour Mp's as well but then it is not up to them it is up to each and everyone of us.

Personally I would like to see us leave but don't think there is a hope in hell that it will happen.

This is where the scare tactics start so it will be interesting to see what they come up with this time.I have to admit it seems to work so why change it.

Now the problem is we want this to be a fair election and we would like to see the same money spent on advertising by each party involved.

We do know in the past in Ireland that the Stay vote was financed by Europe and the go voters got nothing they had to finance there own advertising.

I hope that is not going to happen here.

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